Game has been played since our ancestors and developed into much more complicated today due to our thirst for interesting and entertaining activities. While today’s market seems to be talking about video games that we can play in consoles, PC, or even on a smartphone, it doesn’t mean the more traditional board game lost its players.

Board game is entertaining and we are sure most people already playing them since childhood but when we are becoming an adult, the level of difficulties and complexity may elevate to follow your taste. Unlike video games, board games will be more affordable to collect, can be played without a device, and the most interesting is they will be exactly what the designer wants them to be.

Due to enthusiast from its players, board games are available in various genres and can be played differently so it can be up for us to choose. Here we are going to talk and compare board games about their story and play so then we can pick and see which that pick our interest the most.