Cards Against Humanity vs Apples to Apples

Are you confused between Cards Against Humanity vs Apples to Apples? Well, don’t worry, you have come to the right place. This article will help you understand the differences between these two popular party games so that you can choose the most suitable one for your peers. The concepts of the games are pretty similar, though not completely identical.

After reading this article, you will understand better about:
– The recommended number of players for each game
– The standard rules for playing each game
– The suitable audience that can play each game here comfortably
– The replayability of Cards Against Humanity vs Apples to Apples
– The available expansion packs on each game
– Which party game that is generally more recommended

Number of Players and Game Length
Before pulling out a game, you should consider how many people that are around. In order to make things fun without dragging the game too much, you need the right number of players which is neither too many nor too few. The number of players will also affect the game length. See also: WTF Did You Say vs Card Against Humanity.

Cards Against Humanity
On the box of Cards Against Humanity, it is mentioned that the recommended number of players is 4 – 20 people. Well, there are indeed enough cards for twenty people to play together, but the game will feel really slow and dragged with that many people. To be fair, this is not always the case; some people have played the game in a group of twenty people and still had fun.

Nevertheless, most people find that the best number of players of Cards Against Humanity vs Apples to Apples is around 4 – 6 people. This way, the game will have a good pace, without becoming too slow or dragged. The judge won’t spend too much time reading the card combinations one by one. The average game length is about 30 – 90 minutes. But, of course, you can continue playing for as long as you want.

Apples to Apples
The box of Apples to Apples mentions that the recommended number of players is about 4 – 8 people. There are a lot of cards included in the standard pack, so you can go through multiple rounds even when playing with eight people. The game doesn’t become slow and dragged with eight people. It is possible to play the game with more people, but the game may become slow, dragged, and somewhat dull.

The average length of a game is about 30 minutes. That said, the game does not really specify the recommended number of rounds. You can continue playing until you get tired or you run out of cards. When there are more people playing, the judge will need more time to consider the card matches, hence extending the length of the game.

How to Play
Although it is often mentioned that Cards Against Humanity is based on a similar concept as Apples to Apples, there are also a few differences in how these games are played. Another difference is that Cards Against Humanity is also available for free under a Creative Commons license. Apples to Apples is a licensed game without any free option.

Cards Against Humanity
You can purchase the standard pack which is ready to play, or create your own set. You can download the PDF file of the standard pack for free from the official website in order to print them by yourself – make sure to use heavy white cardstock and a precise cutter.

In Cards Against Humanity, there are two types of cards: black cards which contain a question or a fill-in-the-blank sentence, and white cards which contain a random answer. In every round, the players compete to provide the funniest white card that can answer or complete the black card that is being played.

Once the cards are ready, gather your friends and deal ten white cards for each player. Then, choose a Card Czar, who then takes one black card from the stack and reads it out loud for the other players. Next, every other player must give a white card that they believe to make the funniest answer, face-down, to the Card Czar. Afterward, the Card Czar shuffles the white cards and reads every card combination out loud.

Finally, the Card Czar chooses the best card combination and awards one Awesome Point to the owner of the winning white card. That player becomes the new Card Czar for the next round, and all players may draw new white cards until each has ten white cards again in their hand.

When you are ready to stop playing, you can play the “Make a Haiku” black card. Every player picks three white cards and reads them in a dramatic manner. You don’t need to rhyme them; just aim for a comical effect. The player with the highest number of Awesome Points wins the game.

Apples to Apples
Apples to Apples has been around for quite a long time. It was one of the most popular party games, and its popularity has sparked the development of many other card-based party games that follow the same concept. It is still pretty popular nowadays mainly because it is suitable for a wider audience.

In Apples to Apples, there are two different types of cards: green apples and red apples. Every green “apple” contains an adjective, and serves as a prompt card in a round. Every red “apple” usually contains a noun and serves as a response card. In every round, the players try to make the best apple-to-apple comparison by providing a red apple card to match the green apple card being played.

At the beginning of every round, every player is given ten red apples. A judge is chosen, and a green apple is played from the stack. Then, every other player besides the judge must choose a red apple from their hand that they believe to make the best match and give it to the judge.

Afterward, the judge may choose the red apple that they think to be the most matching answer for the green apple. However, lobbying or table talk is allowed. The other players may try to convince the judge to choose a particular card or to discredit a card. Finally, the judge chooses the best answer, and the owner of the card gets one point.

The players take turns becoming the judge. The role is moved in a circle for every round. Before starting a new round, every player must restore their hand so that they hold ten red apples again. When everyone is ready to stop playing, the player with the highest point is declared as the winner of the game.

Suitable Audience
One of the most important differences between Cards Against Humanity vs Apples to Apples which you need to consider carefully is the suitable audience. Games like Cards Against Humanity is not suitable for children and sensitive people, whereas Apples to Apples is more easily accepted by a wider range of people.

Cards Against Humanity
Cards Against Humanity clearly states on its box that it is “a party game for horrible people” – this is to say that the game contains heavy stuff that is only suitable for a mature audience. The recommended minimum age for playing the game is 17 years old. It is intended for mature teenagers and adults.

This game contains vulgar words, sexual themes and suggestive meanings, as well as potentially offensive jokes. So, all players should not take things too seriously in the game. It is only for the laughs. Still, the game is not suitable for children. You may need to avoid the game when there are people with more delicate humor or people who may get offended by some of the jokes.

Cards Against Humanity is best played by close friends. It can still pass as a family game, depending on how comfortable you are with the other family members. If you and your siblings can talk about heavy stuff without feeling uncomfortable, you may find this game funny. However, the game may be too awkward to be played with your parents.

Apples to Apples
Apples to Apples is a more suitable family game if you want to avoid awkwardness, or if there are children around. The recommended minimum age for this game is 12 years old. So, it is good for teenagers as well as adults.

The game contains general jokes that are safe for most people. The card matches can be really funny at times. The game is mostly not offensive, so you can play it just fine with people that have more delicate humor.

There is no heavy stuff in Apples to Apples. It won’t cause any awkward situation. It can be played by most family members, including your parents and grandparents. You can also pull out this game in a game night with new friends if you are not sure whether the peers can tolerate the heavy stuff in Cards Against Humanity or not.

First Play Experience
So, how is the impression of Cards Against Humanity vs Apples to Apples? Due to the different themes, these two games can feel very different. Again, this also depends on the group of people that you play the game with.

Cards Against Humanity
Cards Against Humanity can be extremely hilarious. Most adults will find the pop culture topics and twisted themes to be very funny. The shock value is real, too. Some card combinations are way too unexpected and ridiculous. You are guaranteed to have a lot of fun. However, people who are not familiar with some pop culture topics may not understand some of the cards.

Nevertheless, new players can easily pick up this game. The rules are very easy to understand. They should be able to follow the game right after the first round. Also, new players have as much chance as other players to win the game.

Apples to Apples
Apples to Apples also have many surprising card combinations. Families usually find this game very fun. However, it doesn’t really get as hilarious or ridiculous as Cards Against Humanity, mostly because the jokes are safer and more general.

New players can pick up this game very easily. The rules are simple. A beginner also has a fair chance of winning the game just like the other players.

In terms of replayability, both Cards Against Humanity vs Apples to Apples are great. They have countless possible card combinations. They both also have many alternative rules that can spice up the game.

Cards Against Humanity
The standard pack of Cards Against Humanity includes 100 black cards and 500 white cards. This is a lot. Even after playing the game multiple times, you can still get surprised by unexpected card combinations.

After you get to know most of the cards, the fun remains. You will start to play more strategically by keeping some cards that you know can make great combos with certain black cards. However, you also need to consider the personality of the Card Czar in order to win the round.

The included game guide provides some alternative rules, such as Gambling, Rando Cardrissian, Packing Heat, Never Have I Ever, and Rebooting the Universe. These alternative rules can make the game even more interesting. They are great for players who already understand the basic rules.

Eventually, though, the game will become stale once you know all of the jokes. Hearing the same jokes over and over again is nothing but boring. You can buy an expansion pack to add new cards and bring a new experience. There are many expansion packs available, such as the Absurd Box, Color Boxes (Red, Green, Blue), and Specialty Packs. The Specialty Packs are expansion packs with specific niches, such as food, science, sci-fi, fantasy, college, period, and dad jokes.

Apples to Apples
The standard Party Bo pack of Apples to Apples includes a total of 504 green cards and red cards. There are also lots of potential card combinations that will entertain you for quite a long time. Since the matching of green cards and red cards can be very flexible, the combinations are sometimes unexpected an surprising. So, the replayability is good.

The game guide does not include any alternative rule. However, you can easily find lots of options over the Internet. There are interesting alternative rules such as Apple’s Eye View, Bottom of the Barrel, Bad Apples, Apple Traders, and Apple Turnovers.

There are currently two expansion packs available. Party Box Expansion 1 will add cards from the older generation of the game, whereas Party Box Expansion 2 will add completely new cards. You can purchase some of them to add new cards into your collection.

Cards Against Humanity vs Apples to Apples

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In general, Cards Against Humanity is more recommended. It is extremely funny when played with close friends. It has lots of expansion packs available. However, when you need to play with children or if you need a safe family game, Apples to Apples should be the way to go.

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