Cards Against Humanity Vs Crabs Adjust Humidity

This time, our discussion is a bit different because we are going to discuss expansion packs. We’ll compare Cards Against Humanity vs Crabs Adjust Humidity. Note that Crabs Adjust Humidity is an unofficial expansion for the Cards Against Humanity game. It is very popular in the market. So, is it really good? How does it compare to the official ones?

Continue reading below if you want to find out further about:
– The core concept and basic rules of the game
– The suitable audience that can play the game comfortably
– How many expansion packs that are available in the market
– How many cards that each expansion pack provides
– The quality of Cards Against Humanity vs Crabs Adjust Humidity
– Which expansion pack that is generally more recommended

If you are new to these party games, it is a good idea to start our discussion with the core concept and basic rules of the game. This way, you can have a better idea about the game, and you can determine whether your friends will enjoy the game or not. See also: The Game Without Decency vs Cards Against Humanity.

Cards Against Humanity is a card-based party game in which the players try to make the funniest card combinations with the available cards in their hands. It has become one of the most popular party games, and it is enjoyed by many adults. It has plenty of official expansions, but there are also unofficial expansions sold in the market.

Crabs Adjust Humidity is a popular unofficial expansion that already has several volumes. It is said to be one hundred percent compatible with the core game. Since it is ‘only’ an expansion pack, it requires at least the standard pack of Cards Against Humanity in order to be played.

How To Play
The basic rules of Cards Against Humanity vs Crabs Adjust Humidity are the same. The players try to respond to the black card that is being played in the most hilarious way possible. In the game, there are two different types of cards.

The first one is black cards, which are the prompt cards. Each black card contains either a question that must be answered or a fill-in-the-blank sentence that needs to be completed. The second one is white cards, which are the response cards. Each white card contains either a word or some phrases that you use to answer/complete the black card that is being played for the round.

At the beginning, every player must take white cards from the draw pile. Every player should have ten white cards before starting the round. Then, choose a “Card Czar” or judge. The standard rule says that the player who pooped most recently must become the first judge, but you may change this rule with your own if you want to. Next, the judge should take one black card from the stack and read it out loud for the other players.

After hearing the prompt, every other player must choose a white card from their hand that they believe can make the funniest combination. Some black cards may require more than one white card. The players give their responses face-down to the judge. Afterwards, the judge should read the white cards one-by-one in the context of the black card.

Be careful when playing multiple white cards, because the order of the cards can matter a lot. When the black card requires more than one white card, you should put the first card to read on the top.

Finally, after reading all the responses, the judge chooses one combination that they find to be the funniest. The owner of the white card(s) gets one Awesome Point and becomes the next judge. The other players may draw again in order to have ten white cards again. At the end of the game, the player with the most Awesome Points is the winner.

You can continue playing for as long as you want. The game does not have any time or round limit. You can even play for hours and spend the entire night, if you want to. When everybody is ready to stop, the official way to end the game is by playing the “Make a Haiku” card. Every player must pick three cards to construct a haiku. You don’t need to rhyme them. Just read them dramatically to make a comical effect.

Suitable Players
Both Cards Against Humanity vs Crabs Adjust Humidity are intended for adults. The base game recommends an age of 17 years old or over in order to play the game. The expansion packs also have the same age recommendation.

Although the expansions are designed for adults, different ages may prefer different packs. Cards Against Humanity’s official expansions are good for a wide range of ages. Young adults especially can relate to the College Specialty Pack. But the other expansions have more general jokes and can also be enjoyed by older adults. Crabs Adjust Humidity, on the other hand, seems to be heavier on the sexual stuff, and hence is more entertaining to young adults.

The game is not suitable for children. There are lots of mature themes, ranging from offensive and politically incorrect jokes to suggestive, sexual stuff. You should avoid playing this game when there are children nearby.

Before playing the game, you should also consider the people around you. The game has plenty of potential offensive jokes, so all players must remember not to take things seriously. The game won’t be suitable for people who get offended easily or are sensitive to certain topics. However, if all the players have relatively similar humor values, everybody will definitely enjoy it and have a lot of laughter.

Both Cards Against Humanity vs Crabs Adjust Humidity can be played with adult family members, but this also depends on how comfortable you are around the others. If your family is quite conservative, the vulgar and politically incorrect content of the game won’t be suitable. However, if your family can tolerate the jokes, the game can be great.

The game can be played by 4 – 20 people. However, it is generally better to keep the players between 4 – 8 people. Having too many players will reduce the fun of the game. When there are too many players, the judge will take a longer time reading the jokes one by one. The jokes will also sound relatively similar, so the game will feel dragging and boring. With just 4 – 8 people, the game can have a good pace.

How Many Expansion Packs Are There?
Cards Against Humanity actually already has a lot of official expansion packs. So, some people may question whether buying an unofficial expansion is really worth the money. Before we compare the cards, let’s see the available official expansion packs.

The official expansion packs of Cards Against Humanity are:
– The Color Boxes.
o Red Box. It contains 300 fresh cards to add to your collection, essentially turning your deck into a bludgeoning weapon for defense against home invaders.
o Green Box. It contains 300 all-new cards that will make your life worthy for up to three more minutes.
o Blue Box. It contains 300 fresh cards that will allow you to eat without gaining any weight. Or at least that’s what the company says.
– The Absurd Box. It contains 300 mind-bending cards. It is good and weird at the same time.
– The Specialty Packs. Each of them contains 30 cards.
o Period Pack. It is a niche pack with a topic of, well, period.
o Pride Pack. It is a niche pack designed by the company to capitalize on the gay culture. The profits from this pack are donated to Howard Brown Health.
o Theatre Pack. It is a niche pack about things that are like movies. All of the profits are donated to House Theatre.
o Saves America Pack. It is a niche pack containing 30 cards, about the Trump presidency and saving the nation in general.
o College Pack. It is a niche pack about the college life, and it comes with a 18” x 24” poster for your room.
o Weed Pack. It talks about mass incarceration and cannabis. The profits from this pack go to Marijuana Policy Project.
o Food Pack. It talks about syrupy friend chortles and brekky gruffles.
o Dad Pack. It comes in your choice of DVD case. The jokes are about your father. There are 9 cases to choose from. Sorry, no actual DVD is included with the cards.
o Fantasy Pack. This one is special because it comes with 32 cards. It is about fantasy stories and elves.
o Science Pack. About captivating theories, ranging from evolution to global warming. And Uranus. The profits are donated to the Science Ambassador Scholarship for women.
o Sci-Fi Pack. It talks about the things that will happen when technology goes too far. The profits are donated to Worldbuilders.
o ‘90s Nostalgia Pack. A tubular Crossfire of Freshmaking jokes. The topics are related to the things in the 1990s.
o World Wide Web Pack. Written in a Reddit AMA with various Internet strangers. The profits are donated to Electronic Frontier Foundation.
o Jew Pack. The jokes are about the Jewish culture and tradition.
o Geek Pack. About video games, Game of Thrones, D&D, and all other geek topics.
o Design Pack. Made by the world’s best designers. The profits are donated to Chicago Design Museum.
– The Holiday Packs. Each of them provides 30 new cards. However, they are mostly just general jokes and holiday themes.

Crabs Adjust Humidity is one of the most popular unofficial expansions for Cards Against Humanity. It describes itself as a parody of the game. Although it is just an unofficial expansion, it has been quite popular. It even has released several volumes. This showcases their popularity and success in the market.

The volumes of the Crabs Adjust Humidity expansion are:
– Volume 1. Contains 112 cards that may be a bit moist.
– Volume 2. Contains 112 cards that should not be taken internally.
– Volume 3. Provides 112 cards that are legal in the fifty states.
– Volume 4. Provides 112 cards, gluten-free.
– Volume 5. Provides 112 cards that love you just the way you are.
– Volume 6. Contains 112 cards with no real moral compass.
– Volume 7. Contains 112 cards that are truly ethically lacking.
– Omniclaw Edition. This is actually a bundle of Volume 1 – 5. It is cheaper than if you buy the volumes individually. It provides a total of 560 cards.

Content Quality
Both Cards Against Humanity vs Crabs Adjust Humidity are great. They are funny in their own ways. However, the official expansion packs of Cards Against Humanity are still a little bit better than Crabs Adjust Humidity due to a few reasons.

First of all, the official expansion packs have a wider range of themes. There are general jokes as well as niche topics. As a result, the content can be quite more interesting and surprising. On the other hand, Crabs Adjust Humidity mostly has general jokes as well as references to sex or nudity, so it is not as vast.

Secondly, a few cards of Crabs Adjust Humidity are similar to the ones from the original. As the effect, there will be some cards that seem to be duplicates. Also, some of the white cards from Crabs Adjust Humidity have very limited use, as they only pair well with certain black cards. On the other hand, Cards Against Humanity’s official expansions are quite unique, yet most white cards can pair well with many black cards.

Thirdly, many black cards from Crabs Adjust Humidity have 2 or 3 blanks. As the effect, these cards will make you run out of white cards quite quickly. The official expansions of Cards Against Humanity are more balanced, with enough one-blank cards so that the white cards won’t run out too quickly.

Cards Against Humanity Vs Crabs Adjust Humidity

BrandCards Against Humanity Crabs Adjust Humidity
Key features- Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. - Now version 2.0! Over 150 new cards since the last version. - Contains 500 white cards and 100 black cards for maximum replayability. - Includes a booklet of sensible game rules and preposterous alternate rules.- This is a combined special edition containing all the cards from Volumes One to Five of the infamous crappy little 3rd-party, unofficial expansion to Cards Against Humanity. - Includes: 560 cards from Crabs Adjust Humidity, as well as an exclusive storage box with room for future expansion. - You need to own Cards Against Humanity to use this expansion. - 4 to 20 Players

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In general, the expansions of Cards Against Humanity are still better. They have more variety and are more balanced. However, Crabs Adjust Humidity is also a very good expansion, and it can be a good addition when you already have multiple official expansions.

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