Cards Against Humanity vs Trump

No, we are not talking about how Cards Against Humanity is trying to save America. We are going to discuss two popular card-based party games, and these games are Cards Against Humanity and Trump Cards. Both games can be incredibly hilarious, but which one is better? Read the comparison of Cards Against Humanity vs Trump Cards below to find out!

In this article, we will find out more about:

  • How Cards Against Humanity and Trump Cards are played
  • What’s included inside each game’s box
  • Whether these games are truly fun and enjoyable or not
  • The replayability of Cards Against Humanity vs Trump Cards
  • The available editions or expansions on each game
  • Which party game that is generally better and more recommended

Cards Against Humanity and Trump Cards are card-based party games, but while they both can bring lots of laughter, they have very different mechanics. The former game requires your wit to match questions with seemingly random yet hilarious answers (see also: Joking Hazard vs Cards Against Humanity), whereas the latter game will test your knowledge of the recent news. Furthermore, these games are designed for different kinds of audience.

Cards Against Humanity is inspired from Apples to Apples as well as several other games. In this game, every round puts a prompt card which contains either a question or a fill-in-the-blank sentence. Your job as a player is to provide a response card to answer or complete the prompt card, in the most ridiculous way possible.

Due to its risque and politically incorrect content, the game has been described by the creators as “a game for horrible people”. Cards Against Humanity recommends the players to be 17 years old or over. The box says that the game is suitable for 4 – 20 players. One game typically lasts for 30 – 90 minutes, but since there is no real limit to the time or number of rounds, you can play for as long as you want.

Trump Cards is a guessing game which puts your knowledge of the news about Trump to test. Both Trump fans and Trump opposers can enjoy the game. In every round, there is a card containing a quote. You need to guess whether it is a real quote that has ever been said by Trump, or a fake one.

Trump Cards can be played by 2 – 10 players. The standard edition can be played by players of 12 years old or over. However, there is also an adult edition designed for mature audience. Like Cards Against Humanity, Trump Cards doesn’t have a time or round limit.

Box Content
Before we proceed into the gameplay and rules of Cards Against Humanity vs Trump Cards, let us take a look at what items that these games come with. This will help us later to determine the value of the game later.

Cards Against Humanity comes with quite a lot of content. The standard pack includes a total of 600 cards, which consist of 100 black cards and 500 white cards (we will learn more about the uses of these cards in the next section). In addition, there is also a complete booklet containing the standard game rules and the optional alternative rules.

Trump Cards comes with 300 quote cards which you will have to guess whether they are real news or fake news. In addition, there are 10 Fake News Cards and 10 Approved Cards. A writing pad, a pencil, and a rule sheet are also included. The rule sheet is quite clear and detailed.

How to Play
To give you a better idea about these games, we will see the gameplay of Cards Against Humanity vs Trump Cards. As mentioned at the beginning, these games are really different from each other. Hence, you should check their gameplay to see if these games will suit you or not.

Cards Against Humanity has two kinds of cards: black cards and white cards. Black cards are the prompt cards, whereas the white cards are the response cards containing random words or phrases. At the start of the game, each player draws ten white cards. Then, choose a Card Czar.

The Card Czar is responsible for flipping a black card open from the top of the stack and reading it for the other players. Every other player then must choose a card from their hand as a response to the played black card, and give this card face-down to the Card Czar. Some black cards may require two or more white cards as a response.

Afterwards, the Card Czar shuffles the received white cards and reads them out loud, one by one, in combination with the black card. Finally, the Card Czar must choose the funniest and most ridiculous card combination as the winner of the round. The owner of the winning white card gets one point.

Now, a new round begins. The players must draw new white cards so that each has ten white cards again. Choose a new Card Czar. You can continue to play as many rounds as you want. At the end of the game, the player with the most points is declared as the winner of the game.

Trump Cards is very simple to play. First of all, give each player one Fake News Card and one Approved Card. Then, shuffle the quote cards and choose the first player to pick and read a quote card.

When your turn to read comes, you should pick a quote card and read the content out loud for the other players. Then, all the other players must guess whether it is a real quote from Trump or fake. Put the Approved Card forward if it is real, or the Fake News Card if it is fake.

Afterwards, you reveal to the other players whether it is real or fake (each quote card is noted with the correct answer). Each player that guesses correctly gets one point.

Now, the next player takes their turn to read. The game can proceed until a certain score is reached, or until you all get bored. At the end of the game, the player with the highest points wins.

Gameplay Evaluation
Cards Against Humanity is definitely very funny and interesting when played with the right group. The cards are all well-designed. Many cards can combine really well and create shocking, unexpected results. The players are guaranteed to have lots of laughter. This game can be an excellent way to spend the night with your friends. Not to mention that the rules are really simple, so new players can hop in right away.

However, it is important to understand your audience before pulling out this game. Many jokes in Cards Against Humanity can be dark, vulgar, or offensive. If there is a person in your group that gets offended rather easily or is sensitive to a certain topic, you should avoid this game. Needless to say, you should not play this game when there are children around.

Trump Cards is generally a great game. The most hilarious thing about the game is that some cards are almost impossible to guess. You will be surprised by how some quotes are actually real and some others, which seem to be things that Trump would say, are actually false. Some people may surprise you with their knowledge about the topics.

However, Trump Cards is also not for everyone. Obviously, it is not suitable for people who have the slightest care about politics and Trump. Furthermore, players who fail to guess most of the cards may feel a little bit left out.

Finally, let’s compare the replayability of Cards Against Humanity vs Trump Cards. Both of these games can be played several times consecutively without getting too stale. However, Cards Against Humanity generally has better replayability than Trump Cards.

Cards Against Humanity has decent replayability. With a total of 600 cards, there are just so many possible combinations that you can make. You can play the game multiple times in a row, and the game will still be fun. There are also many expansions that can add more interesting experience into the game.

Trump Cards is pretty good, but not great in terms of replayability. It only has 300 quote cards. You will run through these cards quickly. Unlike Cards Against Humanity, Trump Cards does not rely on your creativity in matching cards. Instead, it relies on your knowledge or lack of knowledge about the recent news. After playing the game several times, you will subconsciously memorize which cards that are fake news and real news, and the game will immediately become stale.

Available Editions or Expansions
Cards Against Humanity has so many expansion packs. You probably won’t get them all, but the plenty options available are great. The available expansions are:

  • The Red, Green, and Blue Color Boxes. Each box provides 300 new cards.
  • The Absurd Box. It also provides 300 new cards, with jokes that range in various levels of absurdity.
  • The Holiday Packs. Each pack provides 30 general-themed cards.
  • The Specialty Packs. Each has 30 cards of a specific niche, so you should choose expansions that your peers are familiar with. There are various themes, such as politics, food, science, sci-fi, weed, and period.
  • Your Shitty Jokes. Each pack provides 50 blank cards to allow you to add your own jokes into the deck.

Trump Cards currently only has two different editions: the standard edition (suitable for younger audience) and the adult edition (plenty of mature themes, only for adults). At the moment, there is no expansion pack for the game. So, once you run through all the cards, the game will have nothing more to offer and you can give the deck to your cousin who has never played the game.

Cards Against Humanity vs Trump

BrandCards Against Humanity Trump
Key features- Suitable for 4 – 20 players - For 17 years old or over - Make funny answers to complete the prompts - Very hilarious due to the surprising card combinations - Decent replayability - Suitable for 2 – 10 players - The standard edition is for ages 12 years old and over - Guess whether the quote is real from Trump or fake - Funny because some cards are hard to guess - Low replayability

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All in all, Cards Against Humanity is more recommended. It is generally a better game. The gameplay is more interesting and very hilarious, thanks to the shocking and unexpected card combinations. It also has better much replayability.

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