HedBanz vs Heads Up

Guessing games are commonly used to break the ice when new acquaintances are gathering together. Such games are also popular in families because they can be played by both children and adults. Two popular titles in the category are HedBanz vs Heads Up. We’ll see the comparison of the two to find the best game.

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Overview of HedBanz
“HedBanz” is obviously a playful word derived from the word “headbands”. Apparently, this game is trying to set itself apart from the other games in the category by using headbands as its special feature. See also: Rollick vs Reverse Charades.

In this game, every player must wear a headband-like accessory to hold their card on the top of their head. Your goal as a player is to guess correctly the card on your head by asking questions to other players.

Although this may seem like a simple feature, the included headbands are certainly helpful. This is one notable difference between HedBanz vs Heads Up. You don’t need to use your hands and make your muscles sore to hold the card on your head. The size of the headband is adjustable, so it can fit the head of any child or adult.

The family edition of HedBanz comes with six headbands, so it can be played by 2 – 6 players. According to the box, the game is suitable for ages 7 years old and over. In addition to the headbands, the box also includes 74 cards, 24 chips, and a sand clock timer. There is also a mini guide card containing sample questions to help new players. So, everything that you need to play the game comfortably are already included.

The size of the cards in HedBanz are rather small. They are almost square-shaped with rounded edges. The cards are pretty thick, and they seem to hold up well after getting attached and detached on the headbands multiple times. The cards are also decorated with nice illustrations of the things that they are showing.

By the way, HedBanz now has several different editions. Besides the standard family edition, there is a junior edition with easier cards designed for younger audience. There is also an adult edition, which has more difficult cards. Finally, there is HedBanz Electronic, which is pretty much like the family edition but with a battery-powered host device to do the scoring.

How to Play HedBanz
HedBanz is very simple and easy to understand. Everybody can join the game immediately, including children. At the beginning, every player picks three chips and puts a headband on their head. Then, shuffle the cards and deal one to each player randomly. Every player must place their card on the slot on their headband without seeing the content.

So, you don’t know what card that is on your head, but the other players know. You will need to rely on their answers to figure out your card. Vice versa, you can see what their cards are, and you will help them identify their cards by answering their yes/no questions.

Decide who gets the first turn. The turn will go in a clockwise direction. Each turn has a time limit of one minute, indicated by the sand clock timer.

When your turn comes up, you may ask a question to every other player in order to identify the card on your head. You may only ask yes/no questions, such as “Am I a vehicle?” or “Did you eat me yesterday?”. To make things easier, the game only has three categories, which are food, animal, and common object.

If you make a correct guess, you can remove the card and discard one chip from your place. Then, take a new card and continue playing until you get rid of all your chips. The first player to get rid of all their chips wins the game.

However, if you fail to make a correct guess within the time limit, you need to wait for your next turn to try to identify the card again. Meanwhile, if you give up, you must take another chip before replacing the card with another one.

HedBanz – Gameplay Experience and Replayability
Despite the simplicity, HedBanz is a fun game that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. It is an excellent family game where parents can have fun with their kids. HedBanz is really great for children because it can train their critical thinking and deductive reasoning.

If we compare HedBanz vs Heads Up, we may feel that HedBanz is generally simpler and easier. This is because the cards are neatly classified into three categories, and the identities are rather common. As a result, the game is more accessible for young children.

The family edition is perhaps too simple for a group of adults. When playing with more mature players, using the adult edition is more recommended, as the cards are more difficult and challenging.

The replayability is pretty good. There are plenty of cards, so it will take some time to get familiar with all of them. However, once you get to know all of the cards, the game may start to feel boring and obsolete, as you will be able to identify the cards quickly.

Overview of Heads Up
Heads Up is a similar guessing game in which you must put a card on your head and try to identify it by relying on the answers from the other players. This game has become popular after being played in the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Several editions with different card decks have been released.

If we take a look at the included items in the box, they are actually quite similar to what HedBanz offers. Heads Up now also includes six headbands, along with the cards, a number of chips, and a sand clock timer.

The cards in this game are rectangular. They are simpler, as they only contain the words or phrases without any illustration. Heads Up is suitable for ages 8 years old and up, and can be played by 2 – 6 players.

Besides the edition with the physical cards, Heads Up is also available as a mobile game for Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, now you can play Heads Up with Alexa. The presence in the realm of digital devices is one of the main reasons behind Heads Up popularity nowadays.

Technically, both HedBanz vs Heads Up can be played by children. However, Heads Up seems to be more suitable for a more mature audience. This is because the game contains references to pop culture themes, which young kids are not really familiar with. Nevertheless, Heads Up is a great game to be played with friends, siblings, and even as an ice-breaker for a group of strangers.

How to Play Heads Up
The gameplay of Heads Up is pretty much similar. First of all, every player wears a headband and picks three chips. Then, shuffle the cards and deal one to each player. Next, the players take turns asking yes/no questions.

If you make a successful guess, you can eliminate one chip. If you give up, you take another chip. The first player to eliminate all of their chips wins.

However, if you are playing with the mobile app, you need to use your phone as the card. The rules are slightly different. Select a category, and then hold your phone on the top of your head with the screen facing the other players. The other players will give hints about what the screen says. The hints are not necessarily answers to yes/no questions, though clues that immediately give away the identities are obviously prohibited.

If you guess correctly, you tilt your phone forward to score a point and get a new identity. If you want to pass, tilt the phone backward, and you will get a new identity without getting any point.

Heads Up – Gameplay Experience and Replayability
Heads Up is also fun and challenging. Although some of the cards are quite difficult, being able to select the category beforehand will allow new players and younger audience to choose the topic that they are most familiar with.

Still, Heads Up is more suitable for teenagers and adults, or at least players who are familiar with pop culture themes. Cards like “Lana Del Rey”, “Gabby Douglas”, and “13 Reasons Why” are too difficult for younger kids to guess. However, such cards definitely can be appreciated by teenagers and adults.

The replayability is pretty good, but eventually you will get to know all of the cards. The mobile game is not much different. The topics will wear out quite quickly. Not to mention that the controls can be finicky at times. Sometimes, the game doesn’t give a new identity to guess even after tilting the phone all the way.

HedBanz vs Heads Up

BrandHedBanzHeads Up
Key features- Has square cards with illustrations - Generally easier and more kid-friendly - Recommended for children and families - Different editions for younger kids and adults - Has rectangular cards without illustrations - Some cards can be too difficult for kids - More suitable for teenagers and adults - Available as a mobile game for Android, iOS, and Alexa users

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Both games are great in their own ways, but HedBanz is generally more recommended. It is a fine game that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. The cards are more kid-friendly. It is great for families and even a group of friends.

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