Kingdomino vs Queendomino

If you love strategy games, Kingdomino and Queendomino are great options that can liven up your game nights. In this article, we’ll see the differences between Kingdomino vs Queendomino to help you choose the best game that can be enjoyed by everybody in your family. Although they have a number of similarities, Kingdomino is simpler and more straightforward than Queendomino.

What we will discuss in this article include:
– The recommended number of players for each game
– The minimum age for playing these games comfortably
– The rules of Kingdomino vs Queendomino
– The comparison of their gameplay experience and replayability
– Which game that is generally more recommended for you

Kingdomino: Overview
Let’s start with Kingdomino, since this is the original game that was released first. Kingdomino came out in 2016. It was designed by Bruno Cathala and was published by Blue Orange Games. Unlike most other tabletop strategy games, Kingdomino is specifically designed to be family-oriented, so the content is certainly suitable for children as well as adults. See also: Ravensburger vs Cobble Hill.

The game is recommended for 2 – 4 players. According to Wikipedia, Kingdomino is suitable for players of at least 8 years old. One game typically lasts for 15 – 20 minutes, so this is quite a fast-paced game.

In Kingdomino, players try to build a five-by-five kingdom from oversized domino-like tiles. While doing so, they need to make sure that the tile that they place has a side that matches to the terrain type that is already in play. At the end of the game, the player with the most points in his or her properties wins.

Kingdomino won the 2017’s Spiel des Jahres award for the best board game of the year – this speaks something about the quality of the game. Furthermore, even The Guardian has called Kingdomino a standout game in the past year. For sure, many families love this game. Due to the popularity, the company has released a spin-off game called Queendomino. We will see the differences between Kingdomino vs Queendomino later.

Kingdomino: How to Play
Now, let’s take a look at how Kingdomino is played. In this game, the players take turns in choosing and placing domino-like tiles into their kingdoms. Just like in the traditional Dominoes, each tile in Kingdomino may have one or two different ends.

However, in Kingdomino, the different ends of a tile also show different landscapes. Some tiles may have different numbers of crowns, too. This is where things become even more interesting.

If you choose a tile with the most crowns, you get more points, but you will be given the last turn in the next round for choosing a tile. On the other hand, if you choose the worst tile now, you get fewer points buy you will be given the first turn in the next round for choosing a tile.

This way, you need to think whether to get the best or the worst tile now so that you can have an advantage later. When you place a tile next to other tiles with the same landscape, those tiles form a larger property. However, your kingdom can’t be any larger than 5×5.

The game ends when all the tiles have been used. At the end of the game, you evaluate the score of each property based on how big it is, then the size is multiplied by the number of crowns inside it. The player who has the most points wins the game.

When there are only two players in the game, the rules are mostly similar. However, the players are allowed to build larger 7×7 grids of tiles. You can build larger properties and score higher points.

Kingdomino: Gameplay Experience
In a glance, Kingdomino looks light and simple. This is perhaps a notable difference between Kingdomino vs Queendomino. In Kingdomino, the game doesn’t get too heavy or complicated. However, it still has a small level of strategy which can keep you hooked. Hence, it is an ideal game for friends and families.

The game feels very balanced because the player who gets the least valuable tile will always get the first turn at the next round. So, a player can’t snowball into the end game right away.

You need to think ahead. Often, you need to leave some room for tiles that you may or may not get in the following rounds. Otherwise, you will get stuck without being able to form a complete property.

The gameplay has decent dynamics and the replayability is very good. The game feels light and is fast-paced, so you can play it in almost any occasion. You can play the game with your family after dinner before going to bed. Playing it multiple times will help the players build viable strategies around the tiles that they get.

Queendomino: Overview
Queendomino is a spin-off game of Kingdomino that was released in 2017, still by Blue Orange Games. It is a stand-alone game, which means that it can be played without the original Kingdomino. You can actually combine Kingdomino and Queendomino together in order to play with more players, but this is not really recommended because some tiles may get a bit too overpowered.

According to the company, Queendomino can be played by 2 – 4 players as well. The minimum age requirement is still 8 years old. However, the average runtime of the game is about 25 – 30 minutes. Indeed, this game is a little bit more complex, hence the longer runtime.

The tile-based gameplay is similar to the original game. However, Queendomino adds a queen, knights, buildings, and dragons into the game.

In Queendomino, you take the role of a royal who is seeking new lands in order to expand your kingdom. You can conquer different terrains in order to diversify your kingdom’s wealth and riches. You can also construct buildings on the new tiles. You try to win the heart of the Queen, while at the same time avoiding the dragon’s flame!

Queendomino: How to Play
The base mechanics of Kingdomino vs Queendominor are similar. You take turns in choosing and placing tiles. Just like in the original game, the player who chooses the best tile in this round will get the last turn in the next round, and the player who chooses the worst tile will get the first turn.

However, there is a new element, which is towns. Towns are indicated by red squares on some of the tiles. A town will allow you to construct a building on it. In order to construct a building, though, you need some money. To get money, you need to tax your kingdom.

Place a knight on one of your territories and you will get one dollar per square from that territory. Once you have enough money, you can purchase a building on any town in your kingdom. You will get an immediate effect, either getting more knights or getting a tower. If you get a tower, it is placed immediately on the building. The player with the most towers will get the Queen.

When you have the Queen, you can add buldings for one less the cost. In addition, at the end of the game, the player who owns the Queen may place her on their largest territory in order to get double points from that territory. However, buildings can also give effects that affect the crowns and the end game scoring.

If you don’t have the Queen, you don’t need to worry. You can bribe the dragon to mess with the player who owns the Queen! Simply pay a coin to bribe the dragon, and it will destroy a building on the builder’s board. However, you can’t bribe the dragon when it has been bribed by someone else, or if you are currently holding the Queen. Still, destroying a building that other players covet can be very satisfying.

Queendomino: Gameplay Experience
When comparing Kingdomino and Queendomino, one thing is very obvious. Queendomino has a lot more depth and strategy. Depending on your personal preference, this can be a good or bad thing. If you haven’t ever played Kingdomino, then Queendomino is not recommended because it is quite more complicated. You should be familiar with Kingdomino in order to play Queendomino comfortably. Though, you can also learn from scratch.

Some people like Kingdomino better than Queendomino because they think that the added complexity is not necessary. When playing with your family, especially with children, you don’t want to add too much complexity into the game. Kingdomino is great in this regard because it has just the right balance of strategy and simplicity where everyone can enjoy.

However, if you are into strategy games that require thinking and well-crafted plans, Queendomino can be a decent choice. The new mechanics can be a bit distracting, but the overall gameplay is still fun. Bribing the dragon can be very fun “take that” moment. The replayability is good.

Kingdomino vs Queendomino

BrandKingdomino Queendomino
Key features- 15 – 20 minutes of runtime - A light game with a small level of strategy - Scoring based on property sizes and numbers of crowns - Highly recommended for friends and families - 25 – 30 minutes of runtime - A more complex game with added mechanics - Queen and buildings can affect the end game scoring - More suitable for enthusiastic strategic thinkers

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In general, Kingdomino is more recommended, especially for newcomers and families. It has the right balance of strategy and simplicity. It is a light game where everyone can get comfortable playing. On the other hand, Queendomino is for more enthusiastic strategic thinkers.

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