Not Parent Approved vs Cards Against Humanity

Party games are always fun when played with your friends, but choosing one that is suitable for your family can be difficult. In this article, we will help you choose between two card-based party games with similar rules, Not Parent Approved vs Cards Against Humanity. They have very different themes, and are suitable for different age ranges.

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Not Parent Approved: Overview
Not Parent Approved is described as a card-based party game for mischief makers. The makers of the game say that they were inspired by Cards Against Humanity. However, unlike its inspiration, this game is designed to be suitable for children. As the makers put it, Not Parent Approved pays homage to Cards Against Humanity minus the R-rated content. See also: Cards Against Humanity vs Apples to Apples.

The game’s content is suitable for teenagers. It does not have any mature theme. Instead, it is filled with ridiculous jokes that young people appreciate and enjoy. Despite the name, Not Parent Approved is actually a great family game that can be played by parents and their children.

Not Parent Approved vs Cards Against Humanity are similar that they put their players to compete against each other to answer questions or complete fill-in-the-blank sentences by using random words or phrases. The game encourages the players to be as creative as possible in making the funniest and most unexpected card combinations.

Not Parent Approved is suitable for children of at least 8 years old. It can be played by 4 – 10 people. It doesn’t put any round limit, so the players can continue playing for as long as they want.

Not Parent Approved: How to Play
In Not Parent Approved, there are blue cards and red cards. Every blue card is a prompt card which contains either a question or a fill-in-the-blank statement. Every red card is a response card which contains random words or phrases for answering the blue card being played.

To begin a new round, every player must draw 7 red cards. Then, a burping contest is held to choose the first judge. The winner of the burp-off becomes the judge alias Burp Boss. Next, the Burp Boss must take one blue card from the stack and read it for the other players.

Every other player chooses a red card which can answer the blue card in the funniest manner possible. After the players give their best cards to the Burp Boss, the Burp Boss must shuffle these cards and read them out loud one by one. Finally, the Burp Boss may choose the funniest card combination. The blue card is given to the winner of the round for score-keeping.

Now, a new judge is chosen in a clockwise direction. The players should draw new red cards to restore their hand. You can continue playing for as long as you want. At the end of the game, the player with the most blue cards is declared as the champion.

Not Parent Approved: Experience and Replayability
If we compare the game experience of Not Parent Approved vs Cards Against Humanity, the difference is very significant. Honestly, both games are great. It is just a matter of which one that is suitable for the current audience.

If you are a parent looking for a fun party game that can be played with your kids, Not Parent Approved can be a great solution. Children will find the slightly inappropriate answers very funny, especially when they have to read these answers out loud. You don’t need to worry because the game’s content has been specifically designed to be suitable for children. The jokes can be ridiculous, but there’s nothing offensive or suggestive.

You can play the game with your kids, or let them play it with their friends. The game will entertain their game nights with great laughters.

However, Not Parent Approved is not suitable for a mature audience. The jokes are intended for young people, so adults may find them plain and boring. Well, parents will be happy to see their children laughing on the jokes, but things are different when you are only with your adult friends. If you are looking for a party game that is suitable for adults, Cards Against Humanity would be a much more entertaining choice.

The standard pack of Not Parent Approved consists of 105 blue cards and 350 red cards. The replayability is good. There are many viable card combinations. You can also find some alternative rules in the Internet to twist the game and make it even more interesting.

Not Parent Approved: Expansion
Not Parent Approved is a relatively new game, so it is not surprising that the game doesn’t have many expansion packs yet. Fortunately, there are already a few options that can enlarge and enhance your card collection.

There are two expansion packs, which are simply named Expansion Pack #1 and Expansion Pack #2. Each of them provides 80 new cards. They are mostly general jokes. In addition, there is also the Expansion Pack Blank, which provides blanks for making your own custom cards.

Although Not Parent Approved does not have many expansion packs, the custom pack will allow you to add completely new cards, as many as you want. So, you can tailor your own deck by making custom cards specific to your family. It can be very interesting when played with different people.

Cards Against Humanity: Overview
Cards Against Humanity is one of the most popular card-based party games in the world nowadays. It is intended for a mature audience. In this game, the players compete against each other to answer questions or complete fill-in-the-blank statements by using random words or phrases. The concept is actually quite similar to Apples To Apples, except that this game is not suitable for children.

The content of the game is filled with jokes that may be deemed as risqué, offensive, or politically incorrect. There are also some cards that are a bit suggestive. Needless to say, it can be an extremely funny and hilarious game.

The box clearly states that the minimum age requirement for playing this game is 17 years old. Cards Against Humanity can be played by 4 – 20 people together. The average game length is said to be about 30 – 90 minutes; however, since there is no specific time or round limit in the standard rules, the players may play the game as long as they want.

Cards Against Humanity: How to Play
The rules of Not Parent Approved vs Cards Against Humanity are pretty much similar. The core concept is the same. There are just some differences in the minor details, such as how to choose the judge and how the judge role is rotated.

Cards Against Humanity has two kinds of cards, which are black cards and white cards. The black cards are the prompt cards, which contain questions or fill-in-the-blank statements. The white cards are the response cards containing random words or phrases which the players use to respond to the black cards being played and make the funniest card combinations.

Each round is started by dealing ten white cards to every player. Then, the person who pooped most recently becomes the first judge a.k.a. Card Czar. The task of the Card Czar is to take one black card from the stack and read it out loud for the other players.

Every other player must choose one white card to answer or complete the black card. Give it in a face-down position to the Card Czar. Next, the Card Czar shuffles the received white cards. The Card Czar reads the white cards out loud one by one in the context of the black card. Finally, the Card Czar chooses one card combination that they find the funniest, and the owner of the chosen white card gets one Awesome Point.

To start a new round, a new player must be chosen to be the next Card Czar. Usually, the player who most recently got an Awesome Point becomes the next Card Czar. Everyone draws new white cards to restore their hand.

When everyone is ready to end the game, the official game ending is by playing the “Make a Haiku” black card. Every player must choose three white cards to construct a haiku, but you don’t need to rhyme them. You just need to read in a dramatic manner for a comical effect. The player with the highest number of Awesome Points is declared as the winner of the game.

The game guide includes several optional alternative rules. You can play with one of these alternatives when all the players are already familiar with the basic rules. It will twist and spice up the game, bringing a new air to the experience.

Cards Against Humanity: Experience and Replayability
Cards Against Humanity can be an extremely hilarious and entertaining game. That’s why it is still very popular, even after some time being around. You will find shocking, unexpected card combinations that are really funny. Your game nights will be filled with great laughs.

However, it is once again emphasized that the game requires a mature audience. Every player must understand not to take things in the game too seriously. If there are some people who have delicate humor values or are sensitive to certain issues, they probably won’t enjoy the game. But, if all players have a relatively similar humor sense, the game should be fun and enjoyable.

Depending on how comfortable you are with the other family members, Cards Against Humanity may still pass as a family game. Although you can’t play it when there are children around, the game is pretty much suitable for mature siblings. That said, there are some heavy stuff that may cause an awkward situation if the game is played with your parents or grandparents.

If we compare the replayability of Not Parent Approved vs Cards Against Humanity, they both are great. Both games have excellent replayability. You can play these games multiple times without getting bored. They can be staples for your game nights.

Cards Against Humanity’s standard pack consists of 100 black cards and 500 white cards. You can make your own cards. There are numerous possible card combinations. It will take a while for you to know them all. Even if you have played the game frequently enough to get to know most of the cards, there are still many expansion packs that can bring a new experience. The alternative rules also enhance the replayability of the game.

Cards Against Humanity: Expansion
Cards Against Humanity now already has a lot of expansion packs. You can get some of them to enlarge your collection and bring a new experience into the game. It is also a great idea to get one of the specialty packs if your group is familiar with a specific niche.

The expansion packs for Cards Against Humanity include:
– The Absurd Box. It provides 300 new cards. These cards are quite mind-blowing.
– The Color Boxes (Red, Green, Blue). Each box provides 300 new cards. They are highly recommended for expanding the main game.
– The Holiday Packs. Each pack provides 30 new cards. They are the cheapest, but they only contain general and holiday-related jokes.
– The Specialty Packs. Each pack provides 30 new cards. However, each of these packs has a specific niche. Some examples include the Period Pack, Pride Pack, Weed Pack, Science Pack, Sci-Fi Pack, Food Pack, and College Pack. Choose one to add new jokes that only your group can understand.

Cards Against Humanity allows you to make your own custom cards. You can download the template from the official website for free if you want to make them manually, or buy the Your Shitty Jokes pack which will give you 10 blank black cards and 40 blank white cards.

Not Parent Approved vs Cards Against Humanity

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If you need a party game that is suitable for children, Not Parent Approved is the way to go. The content is safe for young people, and children will find the jokes very funny. However, if mature themes aren’t an issue, Cards Against Humanity is generally more recommended. It is funnier, and adults will be more entertained by the jokes.

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