Ravensburger vs Cobble Hill

One of the best ways to spend some time with your family is building a jigsaw puzzle together. The activity does not require much thinking, so you can chat and relax while working on it. Below, we will compare two popular jigsaw brands, Ravensburger vs Cobble Hill, to see which one that is actually worth your money. Continue reading!

What we will discuss in this article include:
– What’s included in each game’s box
– The toughness and durability of the puzzles’ pieces
– The piece design and quality of each jigsaw puzzle
– The image quality and variety of Ravensburger vs Cobble Hill
– Which jigsaw puzzle that is generally more recommended

Box Content
Ravensburger has been considered by many as one of the best jigsaw puzzle brands in the market, and this assumption is clearly showcased by the box quality. The jigsaw puzzle comes in a thick and tough box, like something that you would expect from a high-end board game. See also: Rollick vs Reverse Charade.

The box is actually quite heavy. It features a beautiful image with excellent sharpness and contrast, and there is a linen finish which feels really nice.

The inside of the Ravensburger box also has excellent quality. After opening the box, you can find the puzzle pieces that are neatly wrapped in a plastic bag, along with a warranty page, a reference page that shows you the puzzle image and description to help you piece together the puzzle, and a page that tells about the different series of jigsaw puzzles.

The plastic bag that holds the puzzle pieces is thick and sturdy. It has multiple small holes which prevent the build-up of moisture and gas. The puzzle pieces are well separated. You won’t find hanging chads or pieces that stick to each other. There is almost no puzzle dust.

Cobble Hill is a popular jigsaw puzzle brand, too. They are known to produce good quality products at reasonable price points. The box quality is good; it is pretty much a traditional rectangular box that is sturdy and shrink-wrapped. The front side shows the image of the puzzle and the company logo. It has a nice linen finish, too.

Older products didn’t come with a reference image for piecing the puzzle together, but the newer ones do come with it, which is an important addition. Unfortunately, the box does not include other things beside the puzzle pieces.

The puzzle pieces are contained in a plastic bag that feels quite durable. While the pieces are well separated, there is quite some puzzle dust inside the bag. You want to open the bag outside or somewhere that will allow you to clean up the puzzle dust easily.

One of the most important aspects when comparing different jigsaw brands, including Ravensburger vs Cobble Hill, is the durability. You certainly don’t want puzzle pieces that get bent or frayed easily. As a rule of thumb, thicker pieces are better than the thin ones because they should be sturdier and more durable.

Ravensburger is definitely the better one here. The brand has been considered as a high-quality choice by many people because the pieces are well-made and durable. The pieces are quite thick, although not exactly the thickest in the market. The pieces won’t get bent or frayed unless you really abuse them. The image on the top of each piece sticks well to the base, so it won’t peel.

Cobble Hill is not bad at all. The durability is actually good. The pieces have a nice thickness that feels pleasant in your hand. However, the pieces are not as thick as Ravensburger’s, so the score is slightly lower. Still, Cobble Hill does not show any sign of fraying. The image sticks well to the base, and the pieces are not easy to bend, so they should be able to last for many assemblies.

Piece Design
The next difference between Ravensburger vs Cobble Hill is the piece design. Ravensburger is a grid-cut jigsaw puzzle, and has generally larger pieces. Cobble Hill has a more random piece design and the pieces are smaller.

Ravensburger follows the standard for European puzzles by coming with a grid-cut design. Some people prefer this design than puzzles that are way too random. Although the pieces make more-or-less straight columns and rows, the shape variety is good. The basic two-knob two-hole pieces are not that many, and each piece actually has a unique shape.

The pieces come in an average size. They are not too large or too small. So, they are easy to pick up and handle.

Cobble Hill, on the other hand, has a more random cut. As the effect, some pieces are way smaller than the others. The shapes have a lot of variety. Some pieces have a grid-cut shape, but some others come in wilder shapes. The overall structure still shows rows and columns, but the lines have more curves. Such degree of variety makes the assembly process more interesting.

However, finding the border pieces is still easy because they have the usual long, flat side. Most pieces come in an average size. But, as mentioned above, some pieces are way smaller, and this may make them a little bit more difficult to pick up and handle.

Piece Fit
Another notable difference between Ravensburger vs Cobble Hill is the piece fit. A good quality puzzle should stick together snugly when the pieces are paired correctly. A good quality puzzle should also allow you to easily tell whether two pieces fit together or not. If the pieces don’t interlock properly, the constructed puzzle can get taken apart accidentally, and it will be annoying.

Ravensburger has very good piece fit. The company claims that they are using the patented Softclick Technology, which allows the pieces to give a soft feedback when they are put together correctly. You will never get confused whether a piece fits or not, even though there are so many pieces with similar patterns and colors. It is just either it fits or it doesn’t.

When multiple pieces are assembled correctly, they can be moved around quite easily with some care. However, some parts are not as tight as some others. Also, the piece fit won’t be tight enough to allow you to lift the entire puzzle without gluing the pieces. Still, the overall fit is very good, and the produced picture has an almost seamless look.

Cobble Hill does have a good piece fit, although the overall quality is still not as good as Ravensburger. Cobble Hill won’t make you confused whether a piece fits or not, as each piece here is quite unique. The fit is quite tight, and the random cut helps to enhance the fit.

You can move the assembled pieces carefully, but keep in mind that you can’t lift them together. Once you have completed a puzzle, you may want to glue them and put the puzzle in a frame if you don’t want to re-assemble them in the future. The final image looks pretty seamless, and beautiful.

Image and Artwork Variety
The image quality of Ravensburger is impressive. The image has bright colors with a beautiful contrast. The crispness is awesome. Furthermore, the pieces have a matte finish on the top, and this prevents glare. As a result, you can look at the final image in a bright room without getting any light reflection.

Ravensburger also has a wide artwork variety. The brand has puzzles for every category. There are children’s puzzles, cartoon puzzles, painted rural images, photographic images, fantasy, collage, vintage, and even 3D. In addition, there are Disney and other licensed themes. You won’t run out of options. The company releases many new puzzles every year.

One reason behind Ravensburger’s impressive artwork variety is because they give commissions for special exclusive arts. There are renowned puzzle artists that work exclusively for Ravensburger. Also, the company is not afraid to experiment with new, unusual concepts, such as their spiral puzzles, wasgij-like series, and challenge series. They release limited edition Christmas series every year, too.

Cobble Hill has great image quality. The colors are rich, bright, and natural. The images are sharp and crisp. The pieces also come with a matte finish which prevents glare.

However, the variety of Cobble Hill is not as large. They are mostly known for wildlife images, scenic landscapes, and collages. There are also some cartoon puzzles, cat and dog images, and illustrated scenes. The nostalgia images are pretty good, though these ones look quite common.

Cobble Hill is a Canadian company, so you can expect notable Canadian puzzle artists and landscapes that you won’t find anywhere else. The children’s puzzles and family puzzles have notable selections. There is always a puzzle for everyone, although it is not necessarily unique or unconventional.

Ravensburger vs Cobble Hill

BrandRavensburgerCobble Hill
Key features- Good quality bag with very little puzzle dust - Excellent piece thickness and durability - Grid-cut design, but the pieces are unique - Many different art themes and concepts- Good quality bag, but there is some puzzle dust - Good piece thickness and durability - More random cut with smaller and larger pieces - The art variety is not as wide

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These two puzzle brands are actually good. However, Ravensburger is generally more recommended. It has better box content, durability, piece fit, and art variety. The pieces are thick and well-made. There are different series with a wide range of themes, including some unusual concepts that are very interesting.

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