Rollick vs Reverse Charades

Nearly everyone has ever played Charades one at some point in their life. Although some people feel uncomfortable when having to make up an act in front of others, this game is still a popular choice for ice-breaking and bonding. Now, there are Rollick vs Reverse Charades, two great party games that put some twists on the well-known game concept.

Suddenly, Rollick and Reverse Charades become very popular. Are these games really good? Continue reading below to find out more about:
– How to play Rollick and Reverse Charades
– The recommended number of players and minimum age
– What’s included in the box of each game
– The gameplay of Rollick vs Reverse Charades
– The comparison of their replayability
– Which game that is generally better and more recommended

Rollick and Reverse Charades are actually quite similar. They both ‘reverse’ the regular Charades game. In the classic game, there is one player who acts while the others must guess what word or phrase that the actor is trying to tell. The actor is not allowed to speak or mouth words, though pointing to objects or other players is allowed. See also: Hasbro Guess Who vs Mattel Games.

However, in both Rollick and Reverse Charades, the roles are reversed. In each game, there is only one player who must guess, while the rest of the team must act out the clues. This actually works very well, and it is arguably even more fun than the original game.

Often, the acting players need to work together, but since they are not allowed to speak, this can be quite challenging. Acting independently can work, too, but the guessing player will have a hard time if the actors somehow give conflicting clues. More often than not, the guessing player will find it difficult to guess due to laughing too much from seeing the ridiculous acts.

Well, despite having similar concepts, Rollick vs Reverse Charades still have some notable differences. Rollick comes with more cards to guess, and it also has more alternative rules than Reverse Charades. Also, Rollick’s cards seem to have a better quality than Reverse Charades’s cards.

Suitable Players and Average Game Length
Rollick is a great game that is suitable for a wide range of audience. According to the company, the recommended player age is 8 years old or older. The game can be played by 6 – 20 people, or even more. It is said that the game only needs 2 minutes to be taught, and the average game length is about 25 minutes, though this can vary greatly depending on the numbers of teams and players.

Reverse Charades should be pretty much similar, though the guidelines on the box are a bit more flexible. It is stated that the recommended player age is 6 years old or older. The game can be played by 3 or more players. The average game length is about 15 – 30 minutes, though, again, this depends on how many teams and players are in the game.

Both games are ideal for families. They can be played with children as well as adults. The words and phrases are safe for the younger audience, so there’s no need to worry. You can choose Rollick or Reverse Charades to play together with kids, teenagers, or parents. All participating players can enjoy these games.

These games are also great for ice breaking. When there is a group of people who are strangers to each other, you can ask them to join the game. Both Rollick vs Reverse Charades will make them cooperate and work together while at the same time avoiding awkward first-time conversations.

What’s in the Box?
Now, let’s take a look at the content of each game. They supposedly come with similar items. However, it turns out that Rollick comes with more cards and better overall quality than Reverse Charades.

The box of Rollick includes:
– 756 clues
– A score sheet
– A 60-second sand timer
– A set of instructions

The cards are made from a quality material. They don’t get folded or torn easily. The design is simple yet nice. Each card has a colored border, whereas the center is white and the font is black, with the game’s name on the top.

Each card has two sides, red and blue. According to the instructions, the players are free to choose the clue on the red side or the blue side. The red sides are supposed to be more difficult, whereas the blue sides are the easier ones. Though, this is not always the case, as different people may have different knowledge and understanding of the clues.

The box of Reverse Charades includes:
– 500 words/phrases
– A 60-second sand timer
– A set of instructions

The cards are also well-made and quite durable. However, the design is much simpler. Each card has a white border and a blue background. The word or phrase is written in a white lowercase font. It doesn’t look fancy, but it definitely does the job.

The box does not include a score sheet, but this is not a big problem. You can use a piece of paper and a pen to keep track of how many words that each team manages to guess properly.

The standard gameplay rules of Rollick vs Reverse Charades are similar. First of all, you need to split the players into teams. Usually, splitting the players into two teams is sufficient. However, you can adapt as needed.

For example, when there are less than 6 players, each player can be in their own team while the other players act out the clues. When there are more than 12 players, you can make more teams as necessary. Some good suggestions are teams of 6 and teams of 10.

Then, choose a team to take the first turn. One player from the team is chosen to be the guesser. The team has 60 seconds to guess as many cards as possible. The other players of the team must take a card randomly from the deck and then act out the word or phrase. Once the card is guessed correctly, they can take another card and continue until the time runs out.

After the team has run out of time, the turn goes to the next team, which also has 60 seconds to guess as many cards as possible. The game is ended when all teams have taken their turns. The winner is the team with the most correct guesses.

It is the standard gameplay. As mentioned previously, Rollick offers more alternative rules, which are not included in Reverse Charades. Some of the alternative rules are:
– No Pass. In this game mode, the teams are not allowed to pass any card. So, even if you get a difficult word, you must try to act it out and make a correct guess.
– Speed Round Rollick Head to Head. In this game mode, every team is allowed to select who will become the guesser for the opponents. Every team randomly picks 5 cards from the deck. The teams compete head to head until a team manages to guess all of their cards. Also, passing is not allowed in this game mode.
– Playing with Younger Children. In this game mode, you exclusively play with the blue sided cards. The blue side is said to be easier than the red side, so it is ideal for playing with children.

Impression and Replayability
Rollick is a very fun and interesting game. With multiple players having to act out the clues, the game can quickly turn into a riot, in a good way. The actors need to be creative and cooperate, especially because there is a time limit. The guesser will laugh a lot seeing the ridiculous acts. Surprisingly, people who initially don’t want to play charades will still have a lot of fun in this game.

The replayability of Rollick is very good. It is a great party game that you can play with different people multiple times. The game comes with a lot of words and phrases, so you won’t run out of content too quickly. Furthermore, the alternative rules can spice up the game, too.

Reverse Charades is also a good game. Overall, it has similar qualities like Rollick. It is very fun, and things can be extremely hilarious. It can be an excellent team building activity or a way to bond with people. It is also a great ice breaker for new classmates.

Unfortunately, the replayability of Reverse Charades is not as good. Firstly, it has fewer words and phrases, so you will run out of content relatively more quickly. Secondly, the game does not provide alternative rules, so you will stick to the standard gameplay unless you add your own twists.

Rollick vs Reverse Charades

BrandRollickReverse Charades
Key features- Recommended for 8 years old or above, for 6 – 20 players - Includes 756 clues - Each card has a red side (more difficult) and blue side (easier) - Has some alternative rules - Better replayability- Recommended for 6 years old or above, for 3 players or more - Includes 500 clues - Plain card design - Doesn't have alternative rules - Good replayability

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Although these two games look similar, Rollick is definitely more recommended. It has more words and phrases, so it won’t run out of content too quickly. In addition, it has several alternative rules that can make the game even more interesting.

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