Telestrations vs Scrawl

Confused between Telestrations vs Scrawl? Both games are fun party games that involve sketching, but they are not exactly identical. In this article, you can read the comparison between the two games so that you can determine which one that is the most suitable for your friends or family. So, continue reading!

The following article will discuss further about:
– What’s included in each box
– How to play Telestrations and Scrawl
– The suitable audience that can play these games comfortably
– The gameplay experience of Telestrations vs Scrawl
– Which game that has better replayability
– Which game that is generally more recommended for you

Telestrations: Overview
Telestrations is a popular party game suitable for children, adults, and families. In this party game, the players must sketch the words that they get from some cards, and then guess what the other players have drawn. This party game is definitely fun and entertaining, but that is not the only reason of its popularity. Another reason is that it does not have mature themes, so it is safe for the younger audience. See also: Hasbro Guess Who vs Mattel Games.

Telestrations is produced by USAopoly. It has won numerous awards, including the 2015 Vuoden Peli Party Game of the Year, the 2012 Arets Spill Best Party Game, and the 2011 Games Magazine Best New Party Game. These awards may indicate that this game can offer a lot.

The game comes in a blue box featuring an image of a sketchbook displaying a hand-drawn picture of a person holding a pencil and a piece of paper. One important difference between Telestrations vs Scrawl is that this game is child-friendly. The box says that this game is suitable for players of over 12 years old, and can be played by 4 – 8 players.

The box is quite generous with its content. There are 142 two-sided cards which provide more than 1,700 words and phrases that you need to sketch and guess. There are also 8 color-coiled sketchbooks with erasable pages, 8 dry-erase markers, 8 clean-up cloths, and a 60-second sand timer.

Telestrations: How to Play
Telestrations is simple and easy to understand. It is almost like the “telephone” game, in which a player would whisper a word to the next player, to be relayed again until the last person in the group. Except, Telestrations uses sketches instead of whispers. Telestrations also alternates between writing the word or phrase and sketching them.

To begin the game, every player must take a sketchbook and draw one card. Usually, a card contains a total of 12 words, six on a side and six on the other. Then, the players must choose which side to use and throw the die to determine which word to choose. Next, the player has sixty seconds to start drawing the chosen word.

Once the sketching or guessing time is over, the player flips the page and pass the book over to the next player. Now, every player is holding another player’s sketchbook. They must flap one page back, see the previous player’s drawing, and guess what it is. Write down your guess.

Afterward, open the book to page 3 and pass it again to the next player. The current player is now required to make another drawing of the word. The game is continued until all players get their books back.

At the end of the game, every player evaluates their sketchbook. The player then awards one point to the player who created their favorite sketch, one point to the player who made their favorite guess, and one point to themself if the last guess is correct. The player with the highest total score wins the game.

Telestrations: Experience
So, between Telestrations vs Scrawl, which one is more fun? Well, the answer for that question can be subjective, and both games definitely have their own fans. That said, there are several unique characteristics that define each game.

Telestrations is really fun, and it can be played by people of any age. You can even play with a mix of kids and adults, and you don’t need to worry about accidentally playing a mature-themed card because the game does not have any of that. Telestrations is an excellent staple for families.

The game can be thrilling because all players need to be active all the time. There is no waiting; you draw a picture, and when the time is up, you pass the book and get another one. You guess, and then pass the book again, and draw again. Since the time limit is rather short, you need to quickly improvise with your sketches.

In the final part of the game, everyone will be anxious to see how things turn out. And, since not all people are good artists, there will certainly hilarious sketches and guesses. Although there is a score-keeping mechanism, getting the highest score is not really the primary motivation. In this game, you just want to have some fun and laughter.

The replayability is good. There are thousands of words and phrases, so you will never run out of variety. The idea of putting multiple options in a card is great, as it minimizes the total number of cards needed. The erasable sketchbooks are also great. You don’t need to dispose paper sheets. The clean-up cloths can be washed easily. Though, the pens will eventually need to be replaced.

Scrawl: Overview
Scrawl is also a popular party game produced by Big Potato similar to Telestrations. In this game, you need to make sketches based on words or phrases that you receive. However, there is one important difference between Telestrations vs Scrawl. This game is designed for a mature audience.

However, while Telestrations is using sketchbooks, Scrawl is using a board to which you can clip multiple cards. Don’t worry, the cards are also erasable, so they can be used multiple times.

Scrawl comes in a funny box. “Doodle your way to disaster,” it says. The box features what appears to be a wall and a two-horned kid making a disastrous doodle along the surface. Nevertheless, the box clearly states that it contains explicit content. The minimum age requirement is 17 years old. The game can be played by 4 – 8 people, and each session usually lasts for 30 minutes on average.

The box includes 8 pens and 8 player boards. There are also a lot of blank cards, on which you will make your sketches. The clean-up cloths are included. Simply wipe the cards to make them blank again. According to the company, there are a total of 240 phrase cards in the game.

Scrawl: How to Play
The rules are straightforward. The phrase cards are available in different colors. First of all, the players must agree on one color, and then each player must draw a card of that color without showing the content to the others.

You need to draw something to represent the phrase that you get; draw it on a blank card. Then, take a clip and attach the card to your board. Pass the board to the next player. As you receive a board, you need to take another blank card, write down your guess, and clip that also to the board. Next, pass the board again.

So, just like in Telestrations, the players alternate between draw-guess-draw-guess. The game is continued until all players get back their original boards.

Finally, the players take turns revealing what their real phrases are. You choose a favorite sketch and a favorite guess on your board, and grant the players who created them one point each. If, by some magical miracle, the final guess on your board is correct, you get three points. Needless to say, the player with the highest score wins the game.

Scrawl: Experience
It has been mentioned above, but we will tell you once again. Scrawl is intended for a mature audience. The game contains mature themes that are not suitable for children. The game may make you draw suggestive sketches and other body-related things, so people with a sensitive disposition about such stuff may not enjoy the game.

However, most people in the target market of Scrawl should be fine with the lewdness that this game offers. This game is all about fun and laughter. The phrase cards alone are even funny, as some of them are written in a modern urban-dictionary style. Although there is a scoring mechanism in the end, Scrawl is not actually competitive. Most people are just interested in how absurd the sketches evolve from the first card to the last.

The replayability is good. Although it does not have as many words or phrases as Telestrations, the number is still quite high. Besides, the shrewdness of the themes will still be interesting even if you have ever used the same card a few times, as people will have different ideas about what to sketch.

Telestrations vs Scrawl

Key features- Produces by USAopoly - Suitable for children, families, and friends - Uses a sketchbook with multiple pages - 1,700 words and phrases - Produced by Big Potato - Designed for mature players - Uses blank cards that are clipped to a board - 240 words and phrases

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In general, Telestrations is more recommended because it is suitable for all ages. Even so, it is still fun and entertaining. It is a great game that can be played with friends as well as families. The replayability is great as it has a lot of words and phrases to play with.

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