The Game Without Decency vs Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity has become one of the most popular party games. Many companies have tried to take advantage of its popularity by introducing their own card-based games. One of them is The Game Without Decency. In this article, we’ll see the comparison of The Game Without Decency vs Cards Against Humanity to find out which one that is better.

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– The suitable audience and ages for playing these games
– The recommended number of players and average game length
– The comparison of their content quality and gameplay impression
– Which game that has better replayability and the expansion packs
– Which game that is generally more recommended for you

The Game Without Decency is pretty much inspired by Cards Against Humanity. It also puts the players against each other to make the funniest card combinations. The core concept and basic rules are similar. See also: What Do You Meme vs Cards Against Humanity.

Cards Against Humanity is a card-based party game in which players compete against each other to make the funniest card combinations. It was heavily influenced by Apples to Apples, as the core concept is similar. It was also inspired by Mad Libs, Charades, Balderdash, and Magic: The Gathering. However, it has come up as quite a unique game that is enjoyed by many adults.

In both of these games, a round is started by dealing the response cards (7 red cards for each player in The Game Without Decency, 10 white cards for each player in Cards Against Humanity) and choosing a judge. Then, the judge must take a prompt card (white cards in The Game Without Decency, black cards in Cards Against Humanity) and read it out loud for the other players. The prompt card may contain a question or a fill-in-the-blank sentence.

“In both games, there are prompt cards and response cards. The players compete against each other in making the funniest card combinations.”

Every other player must try to answer or complete the prompt card by providing a response card that they believe to be the most fitting and funniest. Some prompt cards may require two response cards. They must give their chosen responses face-down to the judge, who then reads the responses in combination with the prompt card one by one.

Finally, the judge chooses the best response that makes the funniest combination with the prompt card. The owner of the response card gets a point and becomes the judge for the next round. Every other player must restore their hand by drawing new cards from the draw pile.

In both The Game Without Decency vs Cards Against Humanity, you can continue playing as long as you want. There is no specified time or round limit. At the end of the game, the player with the highest points is declared as the winner.

And those are the basic rules. Both games are very easy and simple to pick up. New players can quickly understand the rules and join playing. There are also some optional alternative rules that can twist and spice up the game experience.

The Game Without Decency does not mention much about the alternative rules, but since the concept of the game is similar to Cards Against Humanity, you can just borrow the alternative rules of the other game. On the other hand, the included game guide of Cards Against Humanity provides several alternative rules, such as Packing Heat, Rebooting the Universe, Rando Cardrissian, and Survival of the Fittest.

Suitable Audience
One similarity between The Game Without Decency vs Cards Against Humanity is that they both are designed for adults. These games are not suitable for children. They contain heavily mature themes and potentially offensive jokes. The players must be mature enough not to take things seriously.

The Game Without Decency recommends a minimum age of 18 years old in order to play the game. On the other hand, Cards Against Humanity has a minimum age requirement of 17 years old. Needless to say, the difference is negligible, and it is clear that these games are intended for mature people.

“Both games are intended for mature players. They are not suitable for children. You may also want to skip these games if the people are sensitive, due to their potentially vulgar and offensive jokes.”

When you are about to play either game, you should think about the people around you. Avoid these games when there are children nearby. While these games can be really funny and entertaining when played with the right people, you may also want to skip these games if there are people who are sensitive or have delicate humor senses.

Generally, these games are not recommended to be played with your family – though this also depends on how comfortable you are with the other family members. It may be necessary to remove some cards that are too vulgar if you want to play these games with your family. The Game Without Decency, in particular, can be really vulgar and lead to uncomfortable situations. Cards Against Humanity is relatively less vulgar, though there are indeed many offensive politically-incorrect jokes as well.

Game Length
As mentioned above, The Game Without Decency vs Cards Against Humanity do not have any specified limit on the time or round, even though their boxes mention that the average game length goes for 30 – 90 minutes. So, you can continue playing for hours if you really enjoy the game.

That said, you may still need to consider about the number of players. You don’t want to play either game with too many people. Otherwise, it will be too slow and dragging, and the jokes won’t be as funny as they are supposed to be.

“There is no time or round limit. However, avoid playing the game with too many people, as it will make the game too slow and dragging.”

The Game Without Decency recommends playing the game with 3 or more players. In theory, it can be played by just two players. However, it will quickly become dull and boring if there are just two players who take turns making jokes, unless you can come up with your own rules to make it interesting. You can play the game with up to 6 people without making it too slow and dragging.

Cards Against Humanity, on the other hand, recommends playing the game with 4 – 20 players in total. However, playing it with more than ten people is not really a good idea because the game will feel slow and dragging. Most people find that it is best played with 4 – 6 players in order to keep a good, fast pace. You can still play it with 7 – 10 players without making it too slow.

Now, let’s compare the content quality of The Game Without Decency vs Cards Against Humanity. The difference is quite significant. Although The Game Without Decency has been designed to be similar to Cards Against Humanity, unfortunately, the phrases of the cards are poorly designed.

The Game Without Decency consists of 150 prompt cards (white cards) and 360 response cards (red cards). In theory, the game supposedly has a lot of potential card combinations. However, the user reviews are mixed. Some people say that the game is funny, and they have had great laughs with this game.

But some other people say that the game is dull and boring, with many of the phrases being poorly designed. You may be disappointed if you have ever played Cards Against Humanity before, as The Game Without Decency is not as fun or entertaining. Many of the cards don’t really combine well. As a result, the jokes are not really funny, or at least not as funny as Cards Against Humanity.

Another problem mentioned by some users is that the cards of this game come in a small size. As the effect, you can’t use these cards to expand an existing Cards Against Humanity deck. This is unfortunate because the two games have very similar rules. They should be compatible with each other if the cards have a similar size as well.

“The Game Without Decency is not as fun as Cards Against Humanity.”

Cards Against Humanity has a huge standard pack that includes 100 prompt cards (black cards) and 500 response cards (white cards). So, there are way more cards in this game compared to The Game Without Decency. There are many, many more potential card combinations.

And one of the reasons why Cards Against Humanity can be very popular is that the phrases are well-designed. Most of the cards combine well. As a result, creative people can make shocking jokes that are totally unexpected yet can be understood and enjoyed by all players. Although some of the jokes are politically incorrect and perhaps offensive, they can be incredibly hilarious as long as the players don’t take them seriously. There are also intriguing and interesting pop-culture topics.

The cards have a high quality. They are thick and durable. In addition, you can actually get the PDF file of the standard pack for free from the official website. So, you can print the cards manually if you want to save up some money. It is recommended that you use 80-pound cardstock and try to cut the cards as precisely as possible, so that the cards will be easy to handle.

Furthermore, Cards Against Humanity allows you to make your owns custom cards. The blank black and white cards are also downloadable from the official website. Alternatively, you can also purchase a pack of blank cards if you don’t want to print by yourself in order to make custom cards. So, you can add your own jokes and build your own deck to make the game even more unpredictable.

Replay Value
Replayability, or replay value, is one of the most important aspects of a game. This refers to the game’s ability to be played more than once. In order for a game to become a staple in your game nights, it must have a good replay value.

The Game Without Decency does not have much of a replay value. It does not come with many cards, so you will run through the collection fairly quickly. Once you get to know most of the cards, it will remain playable for some time, but it will eventually become stale and boring. After all, nobody wants to hear the same jokes again and over again.

Once the cards become too familiar, there is no real way to expand the game. There is no expansion pack. The Game Without Decency does not provide templates or blanks for making custom cards. Making your own cards is possible, but it takes too much time and effort. Since the cards are of a smaller size, you can’t mix them with the cards from Cards Against Humanity.

“The Game Without Decency does not have a very good replay value. Cards Against Humanity has better replayability, as it comes with more cards and it allows you to add new cards.”

Cards Against Humanity, on the other hand, has a good replay value. The standard pack already provides a lot of cards, so it will take some time for you to run through all of them. Not to mention that there are numerous possible combinations that will entertain you. This game can be a great staple for your game nights.

You can extend the life of the game by adding new cards, so that the game won’t become dull and boring too quickly. As mentioned above, Cards Against Humanity allows you to add your own custom cards, either by downloading the templates or purchasing the blank card pack. Furthermore, there are several expansion packs that you can buy to expand your deck.

Expansion Packs
The Game Without Decency does not have any expansion pack. This is a problem if you want to play the game some more time, but the basic cards are already too boring.

Cards Against Humanity has many expansion packs to choose from. There are big packs that provide hundreds of new cards, mostly containing general jokes, but there are also special packs that have specific niches.

The available expansion packs for Cards Against Humanity are:
– The Color Boxes: Red, Green, Blue. Each of them contains 300 new cards, mostly with general jokes. These are the most recommended options if you want to expand your collection with fresh new cards.
– The Absurd Box. It also contains 300 new cards. It is also highly recommended.
– The Holiday Packs. Each only provides 30 new cards. Not really recommended, but pretty good just for adding a few different cards into the deck.
– The Specialty Packs: Period, Pride, Theatre, Saves America, College, Dad, Food, Weed, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Science, ‘90s Nostalgia, Jew, World Wide Web, Geek, and Design. These are the niche-specific packs. You can get some special packs that your group understands.

The Game Without Decency vs Cards Against Humanity

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Between these two games, Cards Against Humanity is definitely more recommended. It is a more funny and hilarious games. The cards are well-written. It has a good replay value. Not to mention that there are many available expansion packs, and you can even make your own custom cards.

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