Unstable Unicorns vs Exploding Kittens

Which one is better, Unicorns or Kittens? In this article, we have two very interesting party games that offer light-hearted take-that moments, Unstable Unicorns vs Exploding Kittens. However, that’s the only similarity between these two games. The overall gameplay experience and replayability of these games are vastly different. Continue reading to find out which game that suits your peers best!

The following article will tell you further about:
– The recommended player age and number of players for each game
– The included items in each game’s standard set
– How to play Unstable Unicorns and Exploding Kittens
– The play experience of Unstable Unicorns vs Exploding Kittens
– The comparison of their replayability and the available expansions
– Which card-based party game that is generally better for you

First of all, let’s take a look at the information that is available on each game’s box, such as the minimum age requirements and recommended number of players. In general, both games are suitable for children and families, as the standard sets don’t contain mature themes. NSFW cards for mature players are available in separate expansion packs. See also: Unstable Unicorns vs Killer Bunnies.

Unstable Unicorns
Unstable Unicorns is a card-based party game that was designed by Rami Badie in which the players compete against each other to collect seven unicorns in order to win. While doing so, the players can and should also try to hinder their opponents’ progress by using various card effects. They can steal their opponents’ unicorns or even turn all unicorns on the board into pandas. Very interesting, right?

The artwork on the cards is cute and interesting. The pictures pair well with the card names and effects. Note that some text can be quite lengthy. Even if you don’t get hooked by the nice artwork, you probably will still get intrigued by the gameplay. Unstable Unicorns is pretty easy to understand, but it has some depth that will allow well-crafted tactics and strategies.

According to the company, Unstable Unicorns is suitable for players of at least 14 years old. It can be played comfortably by 2 – 8 players. However, when in a two-player gameplay, some rules may need to be altered in order to keep the game fun and unpredictable. The average playtime is about 30 – 45 minutes.

Exploding Kittens
Exploding Kittens is a card-based party game, too. It was started by Elan Lee, Matthew Inman, and Shane Small as a kickstarter project. Interestingly, the project only needed eight minutes to reach its funding goal. When it was released, the game became the most backed and also the fourth most funded kickstarter project ever.

In this game, you try to survive as long as possible by avoiding exploding kittens. Players take turns drawing a card from the pile. You can use various card effects to skip a turn, reverse the draw order, or force another player to draw two cards at once. The last surviving player wins the game.

The cards of Exploding Kittens are all illustrated with funny pictures. The artwork is hilarious, with bright and vibrant colors. The text that explains a card’s effect is short, simple, yet fully informative. The game is easy to pick up, so new players won’t find much of a difficulty. This is mostly a light-hearted game, though you can still make interesting combos with the cards.

The game is family-friendly and suitable for children. According to the company, the minimum age requirement is 7 years old. Exploding Kittens can be played by 2 – 5 players, or up to 6 players with an expansion pack. The box states that the game only takes 2 minutes to learn, whereas the average playtime is about 15 minutes.

What’s in the Box?
Now, we will see what items that are included in Unstable Unicorns vs Exploding Kittens. Both games come with everything that you need to immediately start playing.

Unstable Unicorns
Unstable Unicorns comes in a very nice magnetic closure box. You can use the box for storage. It is also easy to carry around. The inside has two compartments for the cards, and there is still some free room for additional cards from expansion packs.

The standard set comes with 135 cards. There is also a rule book included. Make sure that you read the rule book before playing. While the gameplay isn’t too complex, there are some details and mechanics that you need to understand in order to play the game properly.

Exploding Kittens
Exploding Kittens comes in a basic cardboard box, but this box is quite thick and durable. You can definitely use this box for storage and carrying. However, there is also a limited edition which comes in a premium box with a magnetic closure. Plus, the premium box will meow whenever it is opened, which is interesting.

The standard set includes 56 cards and an instruction sheet. The box also has an empty space which will allow you to put more cards from expansion packs. The game is easy to understand, but it is still a wise idea to read the instructions before playing for the first time.

How to Play
Although these games seem to be similar that they both can bring fun, light-hearted take-that moments, Unstable Unicorns vs Exploding Kittens are actually vastly different in terms of gameplay. Let’s take a brief look to each game’s gameplay flow and rules below.

Unstable Unicorns
Each player has a stable. At the beginning of the game, each player gets one Baby Unicorn in their stable. Put the unused Baby Unicorns at the center. Shuffle the remaining cards and deal five to each player. Put the rest of the cards in the draw pile.

Each turn consists of four phases: Begin, Draw, Action, and End. When your turn comes up, you can use a card that has an effect that happens at the beginning of your turn. Then, draw one card. Next, in the Action Phase, you may play a card or draw one more card. Finally, at the end of your turn, if you hold more than seven cards, you need to discard down to the limit.

You win the game when you have a particular number of unicorns in your stable. When playing with 2 – 5 players, you need 7 unicorns to win. When playing with 6 – 8 players, you only need 6 unicorns to win.

Exploding Kittens
Before starting a game, you need to remove all exploding kittens and defuse cards from the deck. Give one defuse card to every player, and put the rest back into the deck. Insert enough exploding kittens into the deck so that there is one less exploding kitten than the number of players (i.e. three exploding kittens for four players). Now, shuffle the deck and put it in the middle.

The game does not have a minimum or maximum hand size. In other words, you can continue playing even if you run out of cards, or you can collect as many cards as you want.

When it is your turn, you have two options: pass or play. If you choose to play, you may use as many cards as you want. At the end of your turn, you must draw a card from the draw pile. If you get an exploding kitten, you lose – unless you have a defuse card, which negates the explosion and allows you to put back the exploding kitten into the deck.

Gameplay Experience
Both games here are generally fun and thrilling. Unstable Unicorns vs Exploding Kittens can be very funny and hilarious at times, too. However, Unstable Unicorns will be more suitable for players who want to craft tactics and strategies for more serious plays, whereas Exploding Kittens is better for quick games where everyone can laugh without having to think much.

Unstable Unicorns
Unstable Unicorns is not too difficult to understand, but new players will need some time to fully understand the game. You can get the overall flow from reading the instructions and playing the game once. However, you will need a few rounds in order to get to know the effects of all the cards. Without knowing what the cards do, it is almost impossible to win the game.

Some card combinations can be extremely powerful. For example, there is a card that allows you to ‘borrow’ a unicorn from an opponent’s stable, and there is also a card that allows you to sacrifice a card to destroy a card. By stealing a unicorn and sacrificing it to destroy another unicorn, you can kill two unicorns in one turn. Without knowing such combos, new players won’t stand a chance against experienced players.

Unstable Unicorns is good if you want a game with deep strategy, but it is not recommended if you just want to have some fun. Besides the fact that you need to think about card combos, the game also requires a significant amount of reading as the card effects can be pretty lengthy.

Exploding Kittens
Exploding Kittens is quite easier to pick up for new players. You don’t need much time to understand the game. You can hop into the game right away and grasp the rules as the game progresses. The card effects are relatively simple, but the game is still really fun to play.

Some people argue that “Attack” cards are the most powerful cards in the game, as they can force a player to draw multiple cards in a turn. However, these cards are not too overpowered because you can still negate the outcome through several ways, such as keeping a defuse card, skipping the turn, or even attacking the next player.

Exploding Kittens still require some degrees of tactic and strategy, but you don’t need to think very much here. New players still have a good chance of winning against experienced players. The game requires less reading. Overall, the game also feels more polished.

Replayability and Expansion
Both games here also have good replayability. You can play the game multiple times without really getting bored. Both Unstable Unicorns and Exploding Kittens also have several expansion packs that can bring new, interesting combinations.

Unstable Unicorns
Unstable Unicorns has great replayability. There are several cards that can be combined to make devastating effects. You can play it multiple times with different plans, though sometimes you will resort to the same combos anyway.

There are several expansion packs for Unstable Unicorns:
– Uncut Unicorns. This is the NSFW expansion pack, so this is only for mature players.
– Rainbow Sprinkles Pack. It contains mostly basic unicorns.
– Dragon Expansion. It contains powerful magic cards and dragons.
– Apocalypse Expansion Pack. It contains four unicorns of the apocalypse, which are extremely powerful.

Exploding Kittens
Exploding Kittens also has very good replayability. You can play it a few times consecutively without getting bored. It is a great way to spend some time with your friends or family.

There are two expansion packs for Exploding Kittens:
– Imploding Kittens. It adds 20 new cards, including 1 exploding kitten so that the maximum number of players is increased by one.
– Streaking Kittens. It adds 15 new cards. But it does not contain any additional exploding kitten.

The Exploding Kitten NSFW Edition is available as a separate game. This way, you don’t need to worry about mixing the standard cards with the mature cards. You can use the standard set when playing with children, and use the NSFW set when playing with adults.

Unstable Unicorns vs Exploding Kittens

BrandUnstable UnicornsExploding Kittens
Key features- For players of 14 years old and over, 2 – 8 players - 30 – 45 minutes playtime - A bit more difficult to pick up - Requires more thinking for making combos - Involves some reading due to lengthy card effects - For players of 7 years old and over, 2 – 5 players - About 15 minutes playtime - Easy to understand - Doesn't need much thinking though you still can make plans - Doesn't need much reading

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In general, Exploding Kittens is more recommended. It is a fun game where everyone can laugh without having to think very much. The game is quite easier to understand, so all people can hop into the game right away. The replayability is very good, and there are several expansions to enhance the game.

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