What Do You Meme vs Cards Against Humanity

What Do You Meme vs Cards Against Humanity are two card-based party games that have similar concepts and basic rules. If you are looking for a fun game that can be a good staple for your game nights, you probably want to know which one between the two games that is better. Continue reading the discussion below to find out!

What we will discuss in this article include:
– The basic rules for playing each game here
– The suitable audience and number of players for each game
– Whether these games are funny or challenging or not
– The comparison of their replayability
– The available expansion packs on each game
– Which game that is generally better and more recommended

What Do You Meme: How to Play
Let us first see how these games are played. We’ll begin with What Do You Meme. Actually, the basic rules of these two games are similar. Both games are pretty much easy to pick up, so new players can join right away and easily compete with the other players. See also: Cards Against Humanity Vs Exploding Kittens.

What Do You Meme is a card-based party game which uses plain meme images and random captions. This game was designed by the FuckJerry team, a comedy team in social media which consists of Elliot Tebele, Ben Kaplan, and Elie Ballas. The team is known for making content and influencing the social media.

The core concept of this game is similar to that of some of the older party games, such as Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples. However, it has set itself apart by using a pop-culture niche for its content: memes.

The game involves two different types of cards, which are photo cards (containing a plain meme image) and caption cards (containing some random text). Players compete to make the funniest meme by combining a caption card with the photo card that is in play.

At the start of a game, every player is given 7 caption cards from the draw pile. Then, a judge is chosen according to any rule that you want (for example, the owner of the deck may start as the first judge). The judge then must open a photo card from the stack and put it at the center of the group.

From here, every other player must choose a caption card from their hand that they think can make the funniest, most fitting caption for the photo card at the center. The chosen card is given face-down to the judge, who then shuffles the received cards before reading them out loud one by one. Finally, the judge chooses the best caption that they find the funniest. The photo card is given to the owner of the chosen caption, for score-keeping.

Afterwards, a new judge is chosen in a clockwise direction. Before starting another round, every player must have seven caption cards again. You can continue the game for as long as you want, either until everyone gets tired or somebody gets hungry. At the end of the game, the player with the most photo cards (hence the highest score) is declared as the winner.

What Do You Meme: Suitable Players
Both What Do You Meme vs Cards Against Humanity are intended for mature players. They are not suitable for children. They are not specifically designed to be family games; whether you can play these games with your family or not is dependent on how comfortable you are with the other family members.

What Do You Meme mainly relies on memes. Because of that, this game will only be funny and interesting if you can understand the images and the caption cards. Most modern people who like memes will like this game. However, people who don’t understand memes probably won’t find it really funny.

What Do You Meme should not be played when there are children around because some of the jokes can be quite suggestive. The creator of the game has stated that it contains NSFW themes. The age recommendation is 17 years or over.

The box also mentions that the game can be played with 3 – 20 people. That said, you probably should avoid playing the game with too many players, as it will make the game too dragging and boring. When there are too many players, some of the captions may sound dull simply because the picture has been used multiple times. The game is best played with 4 – 6 people, or 10 at most.

What Do You Meme: Game Impression and Replayability
When played with people who do know some things about memes, What Do You Meme can be really funny. Some jokes will come out as shocking and unexpected. Some cards may just make you smile and chuckle, while some others will make you burst out with laughter.

What Do You Meme is especially funny if the players haven’t ever played a game with a similar concept before. Otherwise, What Do You Meme may feel a bit boring, as it does not give much of a real twist besides the memes. Still, some of the jokes are really good.

If we compare the replayability of What Do You Meme vs Cards Against Humanity, they are actually not too far different from each other. However, the replay value of What Do You Meme is somewhat lower than that of Cards Against Humanity.

The standard pack of What Do You Meme consists of 75 photo cards and 360 caption cards. So, there are a lot of possible card combinations. In addition, you can play the game with some alternative rules, which you can easily find in the Internet. You will be able to play the game several times without making it too boring.

However, the numbers of cards and possible combinations aren’t as high as Cards Against Humanity. You may get bored with this game more quickly. Well, you can purchase one of the expansion packs to add new cards and bring some new air to extend the life of the game, but it will still become stale eventually.

What Do You Meme: Expansion Packs
You can add new cards by purchasing some expansion packs. There are now several options to choose from. Some of them have specific themes which you may like a lot.

The expansion packs for What Do You Meme are:
– Fresh Meme Expansion Packs #1 and #2, which contain general jokes and memes
– Stoner Pack, which contains cannabis-related jokes
– Basic Bitch Expansion Pack, which contains jokes about being so unoriginal
– Game of Thrones Expansion Pack. For all the GoT fans out there.
– Rick and Morty Expansion Pack. For Rick and Morty fans.
– Mean Girls Expansion Pack. About high-school social cliques. And the comedy film.
– Real Housewives Expansion Pack. Mostly vague expressions and a few meme-able taglines.

Cards Against Humanity: How to Play
As mentioned above, the basic rules of What Do You Meme vs Cards Against Humanity have plenty of similarities. In this game, there are also two types of cards. They are black cards and white cards. In every round, a judge which is called “Card Czar” is chosen to read the cards and decide the funniest combination. This game was created by eight Highland Park High School alumni in 2011 from a Kickstarter campaign.

A black card typically contains a question or a fill-in-the-blank sentence. Meanwhile, a white card contains random words or phrases. You use your white cards to complete the black cards that are being played.

Every round is started by making sure that each player has ten white cards. Then, choose a Card Czar who must take a black card and read it out loud for the other players.

Every other player must choose a white card from their hand (some black cards may require two white cards) that can make the funniest combination. Give the card to the Card Czar, who will then read the answers out loud one by one. Afterwards, the Card Czar chooses the best card combination and gives one Awesome Point to the owner of the white card.

When you are ready to stop playing, the official way to end the game is by playing the “Make a Haiku” card. The winner of the game is the player with the most points. Later, when the players are familiar with the basic game, you can use one of the alternative rules to make the game more interesting.

Cards Against Humanity: Suitable Players
What Do You Meme vs Cards Against Humanity are not suitable for children. They are designed for adults. They have clearly stated the age recommendations. Cards Against Humanity is designed for people of 17 years old or over.

When considering to play Cards Against Humanity, you need to think about the personality of your audience. This game is not recommended for people who get offended easily or are sensitive to certain issues. That’s because the game is filled with potentially offensive or politically incorrect jokes. However, the game is really funny when played with people with similar humor values.

Cards Against Humanity, according to the creator, can be played by 4 – 20 people. However, just like the case with What Do You Meme, Cards Against Humanity also suffers when there are too many players. You don’t want to make the game too slow and dragging because of the number of players. Most of the time, you want to keep the players at 4 – 6 so that the game will not become too slow.

The box states that the average game duration is 30 – 90 minutes. Of course, you can continue playing for as long as you want. The game does not restrict the game to a number of rounds. So it can be a good game to spend the night.

Cards Against Humanity: Game Impression and Replayability
Cards Against Humanity is definitely a hilarious game, at least when played with the right people. Truly, many of the card combinations are totally shocking. The politically incorrect and pop-culture topics are especially hilarious. The hilarious card combinations will encourage you to play multiple rounds without noticing the time.

Still, everybody in the game should remember that this is just a game. Not a single thing is to be taken seriously. The game won’t be funny if somebody gets offended by one of the jokes.

The replayability is very good. With a total of 600 cards, consisting of 100 black cards and 500 white cards, there so many possible card combinations. Not to mention that you can also make your own custom cards and purchase expansion packs. Plus, the game guide includes several alternative rules that can spice up your game. There are more in the Internet. It will take a very long time to get to know all of the cards and possible combinations.

Cards Against Humanity: Expansion Packs
Cards Against Humanity has innovated a lot and introduced many expansion packs. The variety is very good. There are packs with general jokes as well as packs with specific niches. These are great options for expanding your collection. Don’t forget that you can download the card template from the official website and make your own custom cards (or simply buy the blank card pack).

The expansion packs for Cards Against Humanity are:
– The Color Boxes (Red, Green, Blue). Each box provides 300 new cards. The most recommended expansion packs.
– The Absurd Box. Also contains 300 new cards. Also recommended.
– The Holiday Packs. Each provides 30 new cards, but they are mostly general jokes and holiday-related jokes. The least recommended, but not bad to fill up your deck.
– The Specialty Packs: Period, Weed, Pride, Science, Sci-Fi, College, Food, etc. Each pack here provides 30 new cards with a specific niche. Highly recommended if your peers enjoy the jokes in the particular topics.

What Do You Meme vs Cards Against Humanity

BrandWhat Do You MemeCards Against Humanity
Key features- WARNING: Adults only: This game was created for ages 17+. There are some things you just can’t unhear. Trust us on this one. - HOW TO PLAY: compete with your friends and family to create the funniest memes. Do this by using one of your dealt caption cards to caption the photo card in each round. - WHO WILL BE CROWNED MEME QUEEN/KING: The winner of each round is decided by a rotating judge. Pro tip: pick your caption card to match the judge’s sense of humor. - WHAT’S INSIDE: Each What Do You Meme core game contains 435 cards. 360 of these are caption cards and 75 are photo cards. Printed on premium playing cards (thick with gloss finish); includes easel and bonus rules, shrink-wrapped in a custom box.- Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. - Now version 2.0! Over 150 new cards since the last version. - Contains 500 white cards and 100 black cards for maximum replayability. - Includes a booklet of sensible game rules and preposterous alternate rules.

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Overall, Cards Against Humanity is generally more recommended. It has more funny jokes. The replay value is also better, as it has more cards and potential expansion packs. The game rules are pretty similar, but the card combinations are more hilarious.

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