WTF Did You Say vs Card Against Humanity

Of course, Card Against Humanity has become the most popular party game in the category. WTF Did You Say is trying to attract people by introducing a more intense level of content. In this article, we will see the comparison of WTF Did You Say vs Card Against Humanity to find out which one that is best for your peers.

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WTF Did You Say: Overview
At first, WTF Did You Say may seem like just another card-based game. The rules are pretty much similar to the likes of Rotten Apples vs Card Against Humanity. It consists of prompt cards which are colored red and answer cards which are colored white. However, it has tried to set itself apart from the competition by bringing a more intense level of content.

WTF Did You Say is entirely designed for adults. It can be very vulgar and dirty. Indeed, it can be very fun and hilarious for the right group of people. Most people play it with their friends. However, not all people enjoy such content, so you should consider your friends’ humor and tolerance levels before playing the game. Also, the vulgar and dirty content is mostly unsuitable for playing around family members.

The box does not specify any age restriction or recommended number of players. However, it is clearly stated that the game is for adults, so the minimum age for playing this game should be 18 years old. Although it can be played by just three people, it is especially great with four to six people. It can be played by more people, but the game may become slow and dragged. You can continue playing as long as you want.

WTF Did You Say: The Rules
The rules of WTF Did You Say vs Card Against Humanity are pretty much similar. In this game, there are two kinds of cards: prompt cards which are colored red, and answer cards which are colored white. At the beginning of each round, a player must hold 10 white cards.

Then, a player is chosen to be the Reader of Cards (ROC). The standard rules say that the person who masturbated most recently becomes the first ROC – but you may use a different rule for this, of course. After thoroughly washing their hands, the ROC draws a red card and reads it out loud.

Every other player must give a white card, facing down, to the ROC as an answer for the red card. Next, the ROC reads every white card in the context of the red card and chooses one combination that is the funniest. The red card is given to the player who wins the round for score keeping.

Afterwards, the play is continued in a circle until the players want to stop. The player with the highest score (the highest number of red cards) is the winner of the game. Not exactly an achievement, as the game may make you feel dirty and guilty, but at least you can show that you are not a boring person by winning the game.

WTF Did You Say: Content Quality
There is a certain difference in the content quality of WTF Did You Say vs Card Against Humanity. If you think that Card Against Humanity is vulgar, you will be surprised by what WTF Did You Say can give you.

There is a lot of sexual stuff in WTF Did You Say. As a matter of fact, explicit words are not censored at all in the cards. There is no need for making dual-meaning sentences – they go completely blatantly. This is one major reason why WTF Did You Say can be extremely hilarious.

Don’t worry, the game is also quite vast. There are also some other non-sexual yet equally twisted themes. The cards can make unpredictable combinations. The shock value is real.

You are guaranteed to have some great laughs in the first games. With 108 red cards and 486 white cards, there are virtually countless possible combinations. The game will not get boring for a very long time. Because of this, the game may get extended for so many rounds until everyone gets tired from laughing too much.

The game is especially great when played with your close friends. That said, keep in mind that not all people enjoy such vulgar and dirty themes. You may need to avoid playing this game with certain people. The game is not suitable for children, and playing it around family members may lead to an awkward situation.

WTF Did You Say: Replay Value and Expandability
Both WTF Did You Say vs Card Against Humanity have very good replay value. You can play this game with just the standard pack for numerous times without losing the fun. As mentioned above, there are so many possible card combinations, so the games will always surprise you.

The game does not provide any alternative rule. However, you can apply the alternative rules from games like Card Against Humanity on this game just fine. Since the concept and basic rules are similar, you won’t find any difficulty in adapting this game for an even more interesting experience.

Still, after too many games, you will get to know most of the cards, and you may get bored hearing the same card combinations again and again. The players must be creative so that they don’t rely on the same jokes too many times. Unfortunately, WTF Did You Say currently does not have any expansion pack available, so you can’t add new cards to bring a new, fresh experience.

Card Against Humanity: Overview
Although Card Against Humanity itself is actually based on the concept of another game, Apples to Apples, it has become the most popular game in the adult party game category. This is because of the vulgar and sometimes offensive nature of the game. It is described by the creator as the horrible people’s party game.

When playing this game, everybody must be mature enough and understand that they are not to take things too seriously. The jokes are only for the laughs. There are diverse themes in the game, ranging from pop culture to sexual stuff. Besides having suggestive phrases, there are also topics and statements that may sound offensive.

Card Against Humanity is best played by a group of friends. It can still pass as a family game, depending on how comfortable you are with the other family members. Still, if there are people who have delicate humor values or are sensitive to certain issues, you should avoid playing this game. Obviously, the game is not suitable for children.

On the box, the minimum age restriction is 17 years old. The game can be played by 4 – 20 people, but it is best played by 4 – 6 people. Too many players will make the game feel dull and too dragging. The average game length is 30 – 90 minutes, but you may continue playing as long as you want.

Card Against Humanity: The Rules
As mentioned above, the rules of WTF Did You Say vs Card Against Humanity are quite similar. However, Card Against Humanity has some special cards and optional alternative rules that may make the game even more interesting. There are two kinds of cards: prompt cards which are black and answer cards which are white.

Before all, you should separate the “Make a Haiku” black card from the rest of the stack. You will need it for ending the game later.At the beginning of every round, every player must hold 10 white cards. Then, one player is chosen to be the first Card Czar using any rule that you want. The Card Czar draws a black card and reads it out loud for the other players. Every other player must give a white card face-down to the Card Czar as a response. Finally, the Card Czar reads every card combinations and chooses the one that they consider to be the funniest.

The owner of the winning white card gets one Awesome Point and becomes the next Card Czar. Afterwards, a new round is started, and every player who doesn’t hold ten cards should draw new white cards until they have ten cards in their hand.

When the players are ready to stop playing, the official way to end the game is by playing the “Make a Haiku” black card. Every player must pick three white cards from their hand to construct a haiku. However, you don’t need to rhyme. Just read those cards dramatically and comically. The winner of the game is the player with the highest number of Awesome Points.

Card Against Humanity: Content Quality
One of the best things about Card Against Humanity is the vast content. It does not rely on just one theme or topic. There are general pop-culture jokes, suggestive themes, and some heavy stuff. You can even add niche cards by purchasing one of the available expansion packs.

The game is quite simple and easy to understand. New players won’t find any trouble to pick up the game. Another great thing about Card Against Humanity is that a new player has the same chance as every other player to win the game. You increase your chance of winning by being creative and knowing the latest trends that people find funny or interesting.

Although the game is not as vulgar as WTF Did You Say, it is still quite shocking. For sure, it can be very hilarious. And the positive perk of the game is that it can be played with people who you just knew, as long as you are certain that they have a similar humor sense. That said, you should avoid this game if there are people who are sensitive or may get offended in some topics.

The first game of Card Against Humanity can be extremely fun. It can easily get extended for so many rounds. There are lots of card combinations that will surprise you. However, avoid extending the game for too long, as it will eventually feel dull and dragged especially when there are too many players around.

Card Against Humanity: Replay Value and Expandability
Card Against Humanity has a very good replay value. With the standard pack alone, you already get 100 black cards and 500 white cards. It will take a very long time until you get to know all of the cards and the possible combinations.

The game guide also includes several optional alternative rules. For example, there is the “Rando Cardrissian” rule. In this mode, one random white card from the pile is placed into play every round. The random white card belongs to an imaginary player named Rando Cardrissian. If the imaginary player wins the game, every other player will go home in everlasting shame.

There are also many expansion packs available. You can purchase some expansion packs to bring a new air into the game, or to add niche-specific jokes that your group understands. The available expansion packs are:
– The Red, Blue, and Green Packs. Each pack provides 300 new cards. They contain general jokes. They are great options for expanding the standard pack.
– The Holiday Packs. Each pack provides 30 new cards. They are the cheapest, but only have general jokes.
– The Specialty Packs. Each pack provides 30 new cards. They have specific niches, such as the period pack, weed pack, pride pack, theatre pack, sci-fi pack, and 90s nostalgia pack. They can be great if your group is familiar with the niche.

WTF Did You Say vs Card Against Humanity

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WTF Did You Say can be a very hilarious game, but it is only great for close friends. It is way too vulgar and dirty for the not-so-close friends and family members. Card Against Humanity is generally more recommended because it is suitable for a wider range of people and it has better expandability.

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